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# Makefile for Lattice Mico32 simulator.
# Contributed by Jon Beniston <>
# List of object files, less common parts.
sim-cpu.o \
sim-hload.o \
sim-hrw.o \
sim-model.o \
sim-reg.o \
sim-signal.o \
cgen-utils.o cgen-trace.o cgen-scache.o \
cgen-run.o sim-reason.o sim-engine.o sim-stop.o \
sim-if.o arch.o \
cpu.o decode.o sem.o model.o mloop.o \
lm32.o traps.o user.o
# List of extra dependencies.
# Generally this consists of simulator specific files included by sim-main.h.
SIM_EXTRA_DEPS = $(CGEN_INCLUDE_DEPS) $(srcdir)/../../opcodes/lm32-desc.h
# List of flags to always pass to $(CC).
# List of main object files for `run'.
SIM_RUN_OBJS = nrun.o
SIM_EXTRA_CLEAN = lm32-clean
# This selects the lm32 newlib/libgloss syscall definitions.
arch = lm32
arch.o: arch.c $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS)
traps.o: traps.c targ-vals.h $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS)
sim-if.o: sim-if.c $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS) $(srcdir)/../common/sim-core.h
cpu.h decode.h eng.h
lm32.o: lm32.c $(LM32BF_INCLUDE_DEPS)
# FIXME: Use of `mono' is wip.
mloop.c eng.h: stamp-mloop
stamp-mloop: $(srcdir)/../common/ Makefile
$(SHELL) $(srccom)/ \
-mono -fast -pbb -switch sem-switch.c \
-cpu lm32bf -infile $(srcdir)/
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change eng.hin eng.h
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change mloop.cin mloop.c
touch stamp-mloop
mloop.o: mloop.c sem-switch.c
cpu.o: cpu.c $(LM32BF_INCLUDE_DEPS)
decode.o: decode.c $(LM32BF_INCLUDE_DEPS)
sem.o: sem.c $(LM32BF_INCLUDE_DEPS)
model.o: model.c $(LM32BF_INCLUDE_DEPS)
rm -f mloop.c eng.h stamp-mloop
rm -f stamp-arch stamp-cpu
rm -f tmp-*
# cgen support, enable with --enable-cgen-maint
CGEN_MAINT = ; @true
# The following line is commented in or out depending upon --enable-cgen-maint.
stamp-arch: $(CGEN_READ_SCM) $(CGEN_ARCH_SCM) $(CPU_DIR)/lm32.cpu
$(MAKE) cgen-arch $(CGEN_FLAGS_TO_PASS) mach=all \
archfile=$(CPU_DIR)/lm32.cpu \
FLAGS="with-scache with-profile=fn"
touch stamp-arch
arch.h arch.c cpuall.h: $(CGEN_MAINT) stamp-arch
stamp-cpu: $(CGEN_READ_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_SCM) $(CGEN_DECODE_SCM) $(CPU_DIR)/lm32.cpu
$(MAKE) cgen-cpu-decode $(CGEN_FLAGS_TO_PASS) \
cpu=lm32bf mach=lm32 SUFFIX= \
archfile=$(CPU_DIR)/lm32.cpu \
FLAGS="with-scache with-profile=fn" \
touch stamp-cpu
cpu.h sem.c sem-switch.c model.c decode.c decode.h: $(CGEN_MAINT) stamp-cpu