adjust makefile to make crt/ and ldso/ sources arch-replaceable

prior to commit 2f853dd6b9a95d5b13ee8f9df762125e0588df5d which
overhauled the makefile for out-of-tree builds, crt/*.c files were
replaceable by crt/$(ARCH)/*.s, and top-level ldso/ did not exist (its
files were under src/ldso). since then, crti.o and crtn.o have been
hard-coded as arch-specific, but none of the other files in crt/ or
ldso/ were replaceable at all.

in preparation for easy integration with midipix, which has a port of
musl to windows, it needs to be possible to override the ELF-specific
code in these files. making the same arch-replacements system work
throughout the whole source tree also improves consistency and removes
the need for some file-specific rules (crti.o and crtn.o) in the
1 file changed