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SIM Maintainers
The simulator is part of the GDB project, so see the file
gdb/MAINTAINERS for general information about maintaining these files.
If you are considering contributing a patch, please see the file
gdb/CONTRIBUTE. Patches to these files should be posted to:
Maintainers for particular sims:
arm Nick Clifton <>
frv Dave Brolley <>
igen (igen simulators)
ppc Andrew Cagney <>
m68hc11 Stephane Carrez <>
mips Thiemo Seufer <>
sh (global maintainers)
sh64 Dave Brolley <>
m32c DJ Delorie <>
common Ben Elliston <>
common Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* (target, then global maintainers)
Authorized committers for particular sims:
v850 DJ Delorie <>
* Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
Past sim maintainers:
mips Andrew Cagney <>
mips Chris Demetriou <>
ppc Geoff Keating <>