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:: This script will build, unpack, and install the add-in onto this machine. The installation requires admin privledge.
@echo off
set OUT_DIR=%~dp0..\..\out\vs_addin
set ZIP_BASE=vs_addin
if exist "%OUT_DIR%\%ZIP_BASE%" (
del /q /s /f "%OUT_DIR%\%ZIP_BASE%\*.*"
rmdir /s /q "%OUT_DIR%\%ZIP_BASE%"
python.exe -c "import tarfile;'%OUT_DIR%\%ZIP_BASE%.tgz'); zztop.extractall(r'%OUT_DIR%'); zztop.close()"
:: Pass flags to bypass the install questions. Also pipe a key stroke 'return' to pass the 'Press any key to continue' in install.bat
set NO_PAUSE=1
call "%OUT_DIR%\%ZIP_BASE%\install.bat" --force --ppapi