NaCl settings and completed install scripts.

I'm sorry this looks monstrously large, I touched many files.  Only .bat .py and .cs files need reviewing. Also note that the NaCl.Build.CPPTasks project is unchanged from what blueshift handed us. Noel and I have decided to ignore the different style for now.

Added script to download custom GDB and place in nacl-sdk folder.  Fixed resource error with NaCl template project.

Fixed OutDir macro issue with OutputFile, changed it to TargetDir instead. Changed the test projects to be copied from the same project during test setup, and have them add the templates so they are fresh. Fixed settings in PPAPI and NaCl templates.

Fixed developer_deploy script and other scripts to allow execution from any directory.

Changed the NaCl platform settings to be good defaults. Added VSNaClSDKRoot.  Added developer_deploy script.

Added the NaCl template XML and corresponding project.

Completed the install scripts. Now asks user permission to do everything.

Changed the create_package script to include anything and everything under the InstallerResources directory instead of listing all files individually.


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