[VS Addin] Add more information when compile tests fail.

These tests can fail when the build verbosity in VS is set
too low (which was happening on the bots).  This change
doesn't fix it but at least gives more information about
what might be going wrong.


Review URL: https://codereview.chromium.org/286943002

git-svn-id: https://nativeclient-sdk.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src@1572 050acbb0-2703-11df-ab0a-9f3f633ae91d
diff --git a/UnitTests/BaseCompileTest.cs b/UnitTests/BaseCompileTest.cs
index be46d2d..04fc1bf 100644
--- a/UnitTests/BaseCompileTest.cs
+++ b/UnitTests/BaseCompileTest.cs
@@ -76,7 +76,9 @@
         /// <param name="platformName">Platform name.</param>
         private void TryCompile(string configName, string platformName)
-            string failFormat = "Project compile failed for {0} platform {1} config."
+            string failFormat = "Project compile failed for {0} platform {1} config.\n"
+                              + "If this test fails it could be because the build output"
+                              + "is set to Minimal or below.\n"
                               + "Build output: {2}";
             string cygwinWarningFormat = "Did not pass cygwin nodosfilewarning environment var to"
                                        + " tools Platform: {0}, configuration: {1}";
@@ -89,6 +91,11 @@
             string compileOutput = TestUtilities.GetPaneText(
+            // Check for "Build succeeded" in the output pane. This only works if
+            // the visual studio output verbosity is set to Normal or above.
+            // TODO(sbc): find some other way to verify success or at least verify
+            // that the build verbosity is set to Normal or above.
                 compileOutput.Contains("Build succeeded.", ignoreCase),
                 string.Format(failFormat, platformName, configName, compileOutput));