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/*===- InstrProfiling.h- Support library for PGO instrumentation ----------===*\
|* The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
|* This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
|* License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#if defined(__FreeBSD__) && defined(__i386__)
/* System headers define 'size_t' incorrectly on x64 FreeBSD (prior to
* FreeBSD 10, r232261) when compiled in 32-bit mode.
#define PRIu64 "llu"
typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;
typedef uint32_t uintptr_t;
#else /* defined(__FreeBSD__) && defined(__i386__) */
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#endif /* defined(__FreeBSD__) && defined(__i386__) */
typedef struct __llvm_profile_data {
const uint32_t NameSize;
const uint32_t NumCounters;
const uint64_t FuncHash;
const char *const Name;
uint64_t *const Counters;
} __llvm_profile_data;
* \brief Get required size for profile buffer.
uint64_t __llvm_profile_get_size_for_buffer(void);
* \brief Write instrumentation data to the given buffer.
* \pre \c Buffer is the start of a buffer at least as big as \a
* __llvm_profile_get_size_for_buffer().
int __llvm_profile_write_buffer(char *Buffer);
const __llvm_profile_data *__llvm_profile_begin_data(void);
const __llvm_profile_data *__llvm_profile_end_data(void);
const char *__llvm_profile_begin_names(void);
const char *__llvm_profile_end_names(void);
uint64_t *__llvm_profile_begin_counters(void);
uint64_t *__llvm_profile_end_counters(void);
* \brief Write instrumentation data to the current file.
* Writes to the file with the last name given to \a __llvm_profile_set_filename(),
* or if it hasn't been called, the \c LLVM_PROFILE_FILE environment variable,
* or if that's not set, \c "default.profdata".
int __llvm_profile_write_file(void);
* \brief Set the filename for writing instrumentation data.
* Sets the filename to be used for subsequent calls to
* \a __llvm_profile_write_file().
* \c Name is not copied, so it must remain valid. Passing NULL resets the
* filename logic to the default behaviour.
void __llvm_profile_set_filename(const char *Name);
/*! \brief Register to write instrumentation data to file at exit. */
int __llvm_profile_register_write_file_atexit(void);
/*! \brief Initialize file handling. */
void __llvm_profile_initialize_file(void);
/*! \brief Get the magic token for the file format. */
uint64_t __llvm_profile_get_magic(void);
/*! \brief Get the version of the file format. */
uint64_t __llvm_profile_get_version(void);