Import lib/Makefile-pnacl from pnacl-sfi branch of hg

Revision: 1a3a6ffb31ea
pnacl does not support the x86 specific 80bit FP type so we do not need
to bloat libgcc with it.

Also removed support functions for 128bit ints.
Those were guarded by "#if __x86_64" and resulted in
empty object files/bitcode file.

Started adding comments for why other code is NOT included in our libgcc.


Rev: 8b41cb76e53e
Move libgcc compiler flags into utman so we can experiment
with a bitcode only version.



Rev: 58885e5e10cf
Enable pow(er) functions with compier-rt/libgcc.
This is needed by the sanboxed components.

Rev: 31d5d91b81cc
Make the pnacl Makefile useful

Rev: 23335816c863
add empty pnacl makefile
1 file changed