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SubDirs := lib
# Set default rule before anything else.
all: help
include make/
include make/
# If SRCROOT is defined, assume we are doing an Apple style build. We should be
# able to use RC_XBS for this but that is unused during "make installsrc".
include make/
# Make sure we don't build with a missing ProjObjRoot.
ifeq ($(ProjObjRoot),)
$(error Refusing to build with empty ProjObjRoot variable)
# Rules
# Top level targets
# FIXME: Document the available subtargets.
@echo "usage: make [{VARIABLE=VALUE}*] target"
@echo "User variables:"
@echo " VERBOSE=1: Use to show all commands [default=0]"
@echo "Available targets:"
@echo " <platform name>: build the libraries for 'platform'"
@echo " clean: clean all configurations"
@echo " test: run unit tests"
@echo " info-platforms: list available platforms"
@echo " help-devel: print additional help for developers"
help-devel: help
@echo "Development targets:"
@echo " <platform name>-<config name>:"
@echo " build the libraries for a single platform config"
@echo " <platform name>-<config name>-<arch name>:"
@echo " build the libraries for a single config and arch"
@echo " info-functions: list available compiler-rt functions"
@echo " help-hidden: print help for Makefile debugging"
help-hidden: help-devel
@echo "Debugging variables:"
@echo " DEBUGMAKE=1: enable some Makefile logging [default=]"
@echo " =2: enable more Makefile logging"
@echo "Debugging targets:"
@echo " make-print-FOO: print information on the variable 'FOO'"
@echo "compiler-rt Available Functions"
@echo "All Functions: $(AvailableFunctions)"
@$(foreach fn,$(AvailableFunctions),\
printf " %-20s - available in (%s)\n" $(fn)\
"$(foreach key,$(AvailableIn.$(fn)),$($(key).Dir))";)
@echo "compiler-rt Available Platforms"
@echo "Platforms:"
@$(foreach key,$(PlatformKeys),\
printf " %s - from '%s'\n" $($(key).Name) $($(key).Path);\
printf " %s\n" "$($(key).Description)";\
printf " Configurations: %s\n\n" "$($(key).Configs)";)
# Provide default clean target which is extended by other templates.
.PHONY: clean
# Test
.PHONY: test
cd test/Unit && ./test
# Directory handling magic.
# Create directories as needed, and timestamp their creation.
$(Summary) " MKDIR: $*"
$(Verb) $(MKDIR) $* > /dev/null
$(Verb) $(DATE) > $@
# Remove directories
$(Verb) $(RM) -r $*
# Include child makefile fragments
Dir := .
include make/
include make/
include make/
include make/
# Define Platform Rules
define PerPlatform_template
$(call Set,Tmp.Key,$(1))
$(call Set,Tmp.Name,$($(Tmp.Key).Name))
$(call Set,Tmp.Configs,$($(Tmp.Key).Configs))
$(call Set,Tmp.ObjPath,$(ProjObjRoot)/$(Tmp.Name))
# Top-Level Platform Target
$(Tmp.Name):: $(Tmp.Configs:%=$(Tmp.ObjPath)/%/libcompiler_rt.a)
.PHONY: $(Tmp.Name)
$(Verb) rm -rf $(Tmp.ObjPath)
# Per-Config Libraries
$(foreach config,$(Tmp.Configs),\
$(call PerPlatformConfig_template,$(config)))
define PerPlatformConfig_template
$(call Set,Tmp.Config,$(1))
$(call Set,Tmp.ObjPath,$(ProjObjRoot)/$(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config))
# Compute the archs to build, depending on whether this is a universal build or
# not.
$(call Set,Tmp.ArchsToBuild,\
$(if $(call IsDefined,$(Tmp.Key).UniversalArchs),\
$(strip \
$(or $($(Tmp.Key).UniversalArchs.$(Tmp.Config)),\
$(call VarOrDefault,$(Tmp.Key).Arch.$(Tmp.Config),$($(Tmp.Key).Arch))))
# Copy or lipo to create the per-config library.
$(call Set,Tmp.Inputs,$(Tmp.ArchsToBuild:%=$(Tmp.ObjPath)/%/libcompiler_rt.a))
$(Tmp.ObjPath)/libcompiler_rt.a: $(Tmp.Inputs) $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
$(Summary) " FINAL-ARCHIVE: $(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config): $$@"
-$(Verb) $(RM) $$@
$(if $(call streq,1,$(words $(Tmp.ArchsToBuild))), \
$(Verb) $(CP) $(Tmp.Inputs) $$@, \
$(Verb) $(LIPO) -create -output $$@ $(Tmp.Inputs))
.PRECIOUS: $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
# Per-Config Targets
$(Tmp.Name)-$(Tmp.Config):: $(Tmp.ObjPath)/libcompiler_rt.a
.PHONY: $(Tmp.Name)-$(Tmp.Config)
# Per-Config-Arch Libraries
$(foreach arch,$(Tmp.ArchsToBuild),\
$(call PerPlatformConfigArch_template,$(arch)))
define PerPlatformConfigArch_template
$(call Set,Tmp.Arch,$(1))
$(call Set,Tmp.ObjPath,$(ProjObjRoot)/$(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config)/$(Tmp.Arch))
$(call Set,Tmp.Functions,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,FUNCTIONS,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.Optimized,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,OPTIMIZED,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.AR,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,AR,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.ARFLAGS,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,ARFLAGS,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.RANLIB,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,RANLIB,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.RANLIBFLAGS,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,RANLIBFLAGS,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
# Compute the object inputs for this library.
$(call Set,Tmp.Inputs,\
$(foreach fn,$(sort $(Tmp.Functions)),\
$(call Set,Tmp.FnDir,\
$(call SelectFunctionDir,$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch),$(fn),$(Tmp.Optimized)))\
$(Tmp.ObjPath)/libcompiler_rt.a: $(Tmp.Inputs) $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
$(Summary) " ARCHIVE: $(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config)/$(Tmp.Arch): $$@"
-$(Verb) $(RM) $$@
$(Verb) $(Tmp.AR) $(Tmp.ARFLAGS) $$@ $(Tmp.Inputs)
$(Verb) $(Tmp.RANLIB) $(Tmp.RANLIBFLAGS) $$@
.PRECIOUS: $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
# Per-Config-Arch Targets
$(Tmp.Name)-$(Tmp.Config)-$(Tmp.Arch):: $(Tmp.ObjPath)/libcompiler_rt.a
.PHONY: $(Tmp.Name)-$(Tmp.Config)-$(Tmp.Arch)
# Per-Config-Arch-SubDir Objects
$(foreach key,$(SubDirKeys),\
$(call PerPlatformConfigArchSubDir_template,$(key)))
define PerPlatformConfigArchSubDir_template
$(call Set,Tmp.SubDirKey,$(1))
$(call Set,Tmp.SubDir,$($(Tmp.SubDirKey).Dir))
$(call Set,Tmp.SrcPath,$(ProjSrcRoot)/$(Tmp.SubDir))
$(call Set,Tmp.ObjPath,$(ProjObjRoot)/$(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config)/$(Tmp.Arch)/$(Tmp.SubDirKey))
$(call Set,Tmp.Dependencies,$($(Tmp.SubDirKey).Dependencies))
$(call Set,Tmp.CC,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,CC,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.KERNEL_USE,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,KERNEL_USE,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.VISIBILITY_HIDDEN,$(strip \
$(call GetCNAVar,VISIBILITY_HIDDEN,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(call Set,Tmp.CFLAGS,$(strip \
$(if $(call IsDefined,$(Tmp.Key).UniversalArchs),-arch $(Tmp.Arch),)\
$(if $(call streq,$(Tmp.VISIBILITY_HIDDEN),1),\
-fvisibility=hidden -DVISIBILITY_HIDDEN,)\
$(if $(call streq,$(Tmp.KERNEL_USE),1),\
-mkernel -DKERNEL_USE,)\
$(call GetCNAVar,CFLAGS,$(Tmp.Key),$(Tmp.Config),$(Tmp.Arch))))
$(Tmp.ObjPath)/%.o: $(Tmp.SrcPath)/%.s $(Tmp.Dependencies) $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
$(Summary) " ASSEMBLE: $(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config)/$(Tmp.Arch): $$<"
$(Verb) $(Tmp.CC) $(Tmp.CFLAGS) -c -o $$@ $$<
$(Tmp.ObjPath)/%.o: $(Tmp.SrcPath)/%.S $(Tmp.Dependencies) $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
$(Summary) " ASSEMBLE: $(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config)/$(Tmp.Arch): $$<"
$(Verb) $(Tmp.CC) $(Tmp.CFLAGS) -c -o $$@ $$<
$(Tmp.ObjPath)/%.o: $(Tmp.SrcPath)/%.c $(Tmp.Dependencies) $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
$(Summary) " COMPILE: $(Tmp.Name)/$(Tmp.Config)/$(Tmp.Arch): $$<"
$(Verb) $(Tmp.CC) $(Tmp.CFLAGS) -c -o $$@ $$<
.PRECIOUS: $(Tmp.ObjPath)/.dir
# Run templates.
$(foreach key,$(PlatformKeys),\
$(eval $(call PerPlatform_template,$(key))))
ifneq ($(DEBUGMAKE),)
$(info MAKE: Done processing Makefile)
$(info )