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See ../README.
The frontend is written in C++.
The frontend lexes and parses the input into an IR specific to this
frontend known as gogo. It then runs a series of passes over the
Finally it converts gogo to gcc's GENERIC. A goal is to move the gcc
support code into a gcc-interface subdirectory. The gcc code will be
put under the GPL. The rest of the frontend will not include any gcc
header files.
Issues to be faced in this transition:
* Representation of source locations.
+ Currently the frontend uses gcc's source_location codes, using the
interface in libcpp/line-map.h.
* Handling of error messages.
+ Currently the frontend uses gcc's error_at and warning_at
+ Currently the frontend uses gcc's diagnostic formatter, using
features such as %<%> for appropriate quoting.
+ Localization may be an issue.
This compiler works, but the code is a work in progress. Notably, the
support for garbage collection is ineffective and needs a complete
rethinking. The frontend pays little attention to its memory usage
and rarely frees any memory. The code could use a general cleanup
which we have not had time to do.
To contribute patches to the files in this directory, please see .
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signing a Google contributor license agreement. If you are the
copyright holder, you will need to agree to the individual contributor
license agreement at This agreement
can be completed online.
If your organization is the copyright holder, the organization will
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If the copyright holder for your code has already completed the
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