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//===- lib/ReaderWriter/MachO/MachONormalizedFile.h -----------------------===//
// The LLVM Linker
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file These data structures comprise the "normalized" view of
/// mach-o object files. The normalized view is an in-memory only data structure
/// which is always in native endianness and pointer size.
/// The normalized view easily converts to and from YAML using YAML I/O.
/// The normalized view converts to and from binary mach-o object files using
/// the writeBinary() and readBinary() functions.
/// The normalized view converts to and from lld::Atoms using the
/// normalizedToAtoms() and normalizedFromAtoms().
/// Overall, the conversion paths available look like:
/// +---------------+
/// | binary mach-o |
/// +---------------+
/// ^
/// |
/// v
/// +------------+ +------+
/// | normalized | <-> | yaml |
/// +------------+ +------+
/// ^
/// |
/// v
/// +-------+
/// | Atoms |
/// +-------+
#include "lld/Core/Error.h"
#include "lld/Core/LLVM.h"
#include "lld/ReaderWriter/MachOLinkingContext.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallString.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Allocator.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Debug.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ErrorOr.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MachO.h"
#include "llvm/Support/YAMLTraits.h"
using llvm::BumpPtrAllocator;
using llvm::yaml::Hex64;
using llvm::yaml::Hex32;
using llvm::yaml::Hex16;
using llvm::yaml::Hex8;
using llvm::yaml::SequenceTraits;
using llvm::MachO::HeaderFileType;
using llvm::MachO::BindType;
using llvm::MachO::RebaseType;
using llvm::MachO::NListType;
using llvm::MachO::RelocationInfoType;
using llvm::MachO::SectionType;
using llvm::MachO::LoadCommandType;
using llvm::MachO::ExportSymbolKind;
using llvm::MachO::DataRegionType;
namespace lld {
namespace mach_o {
namespace normalized {
/// The real mach-o relocation record is 8-bytes on disk and is
/// encoded in one of two different bit-field patterns. This
/// normalized form has the union of all possible fields.
struct Relocation {
Relocation() : offset(0), scattered(false),
length(0), pcRel(false), isExtern(false), value(0),
symbol(0) { }
Hex32 offset;
bool scattered;
RelocationInfoType type;
uint8_t length;
bool pcRel;
bool isExtern;
Hex32 value;
uint32_t symbol;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can treat this vector as a sequence.
typedef std::vector<Relocation> Relocations;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can process the raw bytes in a section.
typedef std::vector<Hex8> ContentBytes;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can treat indirect symbols as a flow sequence.
typedef std::vector<uint32_t> IndirectSymbols;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can encode/decode section attributes.
LLVM_YAML_STRONG_TYPEDEF(uint32_t, SectionAttr)
/// Mach-O has a 32-bit and 64-bit section record. This normalized form
/// can support either kind.
struct Section {
Section() : type(llvm::MachO::S_REGULAR),
attributes(0), alignment(1), address(0) { }
StringRef segmentName;
StringRef sectionName;
SectionType type;
SectionAttr attributes;
uint16_t alignment;
Hex64 address;
ArrayRef<uint8_t> content;
Relocations relocations;
IndirectSymbols indirectSymbols;
#ifndef NDEBUG
raw_ostream& operator<<(raw_ostream &OS) const {
return OS;
void dump(raw_ostream &OS = llvm::dbgs()) const;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can encode/decode the scope bits of an nlist.
LLVM_YAML_STRONG_TYPEDEF(uint8_t, SymbolScope)
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can encode/decode the desc bits of an nlist.
LLVM_YAML_STRONG_TYPEDEF(uint16_t, SymbolDesc)
/// Mach-O has a 32-bit and 64-bit symbol table entry (nlist), and the symbol
/// type and scope and mixed in the same n_type field. This normalized form
/// works for any pointer size and separates out the type and scope.
struct Symbol {
Symbol() : type(llvm::MachO::N_UNDF), scope(0), sect(0), desc(0), value(0) { }
StringRef name;
NListType type;
SymbolScope scope;
uint8_t sect;
SymbolDesc desc;
Hex64 value;
/// Check whether the given section type indicates a zero-filled section.
// FIXME: Utility functions of this kind should probably be moved into
// llvm/Support.
inline bool isZeroFillSection(SectionType T) {
return (T == llvm::MachO::S_ZEROFILL ||
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can (de/en)code the protection bits of a segment.
/// A typedef to hold verions X.Y.X packed into 32-bit xxxx.yy.zz
LLVM_YAML_STRONG_TYPEDEF(uint32_t, PackedVersion)
/// Segments are only used in normalized final linked images (not in relocatable
/// object files). They specify how a range of the file is loaded.
struct Segment {
StringRef name;
Hex64 address;
Hex64 size;
VMProtect init_access;
VMProtect max_access;
/// Only used in normalized final linked images to specify on which dylibs
/// it depends.
struct DependentDylib {
StringRef path;
LoadCommandType kind;
PackedVersion compatVersion;
PackedVersion currentVersion;
/// A normalized rebasing entry. Only used in normalized final linked images.
struct RebaseLocation {
Hex32 segOffset;
uint8_t segIndex;
RebaseType kind;
/// A normalized binding entry. Only used in normalized final linked images.
struct BindLocation {
Hex32 segOffset;
uint8_t segIndex;
BindType kind;
bool canBeNull;
int ordinal;
StringRef symbolName;
Hex64 addend;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can encode/decode export flags.
LLVM_YAML_STRONG_TYPEDEF(uint32_t, ExportFlags)
/// A normalized export entry. Only used in normalized final linked images.
struct Export {
StringRef name;
Hex64 offset;
ExportSymbolKind kind;
ExportFlags flags;
Hex32 otherOffset;
StringRef otherName;
/// A normalized data-in-code entry.
struct DataInCode {
Hex32 offset;
Hex16 length;
DataRegionType kind;
/// A typedef so that YAML I/O can encode/decode mach_header.flags.
struct NormalizedFile {
MachOLinkingContext::Arch arch = MachOLinkingContext::arch_unknown;
HeaderFileType fileType = llvm::MachO::MH_OBJECT;
FileFlags flags = 0;
std::vector<Segment> segments; // Not used in object files.
std::vector<Section> sections;
// Symbols sorted by kind.
std::vector<Symbol> localSymbols;
std::vector<Symbol> globalSymbols;
std::vector<Symbol> undefinedSymbols;
// Maps to load commands with no LINKEDIT content (final linked images only).
std::vector<DependentDylib> dependentDylibs;
StringRef installName; // dylibs only
PackedVersion compatVersion = 0; // dylibs only
PackedVersion currentVersion = 0; // dylibs only
bool hasUUID = false;
bool hasMinVersionLoadCommand = false;
bool generateDataInCodeLoadCommand = false;
std::vector<StringRef> rpaths;
Hex64 entryAddress = 0;
Hex64 stackSize = 0;
MachOLinkingContext::OS os = MachOLinkingContext::OS::unknown;
Hex64 sourceVersion = 0;
PackedVersion minOSverson = 0;
PackedVersion sdkVersion = 0;
LoadCommandType minOSVersionKind = (LoadCommandType)0;
// Maps to load commands with LINKEDIT content (final linked images only).
Hex32 pageSize = 0;
std::vector<RebaseLocation> rebasingInfo;
std::vector<BindLocation> bindingInfo;
std::vector<BindLocation> weakBindingInfo;
std::vector<BindLocation> lazyBindingInfo;
std::vector<Export> exportInfo;
std::vector<uint8_t> functionStarts;
std::vector<DataInCode> dataInCode;
// TODO:
// code-signature
// split-seg-info
// function-starts
// For any allocations in this struct which need to be owned by this struct.
BumpPtrAllocator ownedAllocations;
/// Tests if a file is a non-fat mach-o object file.
bool isThinObjectFile(StringRef path, MachOLinkingContext::Arch &arch);
/// If the buffer is a fat file with the request arch, then this function
/// returns true with 'offset' and 'size' set to location of the arch slice
/// within the buffer. Otherwise returns false;
bool sliceFromFatFile(MemoryBufferRef mb, MachOLinkingContext::Arch arch,
uint32_t &offset, uint32_t &size);
/// Reads a mach-o file and produces an in-memory normalized view.
readBinary(std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer> &mb,
const MachOLinkingContext::Arch arch);
/// Takes in-memory normalized view and writes a mach-o object file.
std::error_code writeBinary(const NormalizedFile &file, StringRef path);
size_t headerAndLoadCommandsSize(const NormalizedFile &file);
/// Parses a yaml encoded mach-o file to produce an in-memory normalized view.
readYaml(std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer> &mb);
/// Writes a yaml encoded mach-o files given an in-memory normalized view.
std::error_code writeYaml(const NormalizedFile &file, raw_ostream &out);
normalizedObjectToAtoms(MachOFile *file,
const NormalizedFile &normalizedFile,
bool copyRefs);
normalizedDylibToAtoms(MachODylibFile *file,
const NormalizedFile &normalizedFile,
bool copyRefs);
/// Takes in-memory normalized dylib or object and parses it into lld::File
normalizedToAtoms(const NormalizedFile &normalizedFile, StringRef path,
bool copyRefs);
/// Takes atoms and generates a normalized macho-o view.
normalizedFromAtoms(const lld::File &atomFile, const MachOLinkingContext &ctxt);
} // namespace normalized
/// Class for interfacing mach-o yaml files into generic yaml parsing
class MachOYamlIOTaggedDocumentHandler : public YamlIOTaggedDocumentHandler {
MachOYamlIOTaggedDocumentHandler(MachOLinkingContext::Arch arch)
: _arch(arch) { }
bool handledDocTag(llvm::yaml::IO &io, const lld::File *&file) const override;
const MachOLinkingContext::Arch _arch;
} // namespace mach_o
} // namespace lld