PNaCl: Update subzero revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS

This pulls in the following Subzero changes:

ec92917: ( [SubZero] Legalize load, store for MIPS post lower
4683237: ( [Subzero][MIPS32] Fix alloca alignment and offset for Om1 and O2 optimization
45e4d5e: ( [SubZero] Handle relocatable constants for MIPS
3a01f33: ( [SubZero] Implement Fcmp, ICmp, Cast and Select for vector type
f52cea4: ( Fix unpacking from a single vector.
7638e27: ( Add x86 vector packing instructions.
0e90622: ( Generate error on unexpected intrisics.
89be887: ( [Subzero][MIPS32] Account for variable alloca alignment bytes in addProlog
1448d95: ( Optimize shuffles corresponding to x86 punpckh instructions.
7145e69: ( Subzero: Fix compiler warnings.
32f9cce: ( Fix 64-bit pointer type for non-x32 ABIs.
ef8210d: ( Implement vector packing intrinsics.
8b8af82: ( Implement bitcast between i32 and (emulated) v4i8.
e3cabda: ( Implement vector sign mask intrinsic.
d0e3030: ( Assert that PNaCl bitcode only uses 128-bit vector casts.
c9e91af: ( Remove verified asserts.
61593fb: ( Fix unit tests.
a3688ea: ( Fix two-vector unpack case.
a7979bf: ( [SubZero] Fix f64 to/from i64 moves
0dabe18: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Remove --skip-unimplemented from lit tests
130aca7: ( [SubZero] Generate relocations for MIPS
73ae4fd: ( Preserve rsi and rdi when using Microsoft x86-64 calling convention.
7ad028e: ( This patch enables running a couple more of lit tests for MIPS32
956cfd6: ( Generalize the Sqrt intrinsic to process vectors.
13cde0f: ( Implement integer vector multiply intrinsics.
67a49b5: ( Implement saturated vector add/subtract.
0c4c07d: ( [SubZero] Fix code generation for vector type
f8c9977: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Stacksave/Stackrestore implementation
f0d12c3: ( Implement floating-point rounding intrinsic.
3da9f65: ( [SubZero] Generate MIPS.abiflags section
21f78bb: ( [SubZero] Utilize instructions with immediate operands
83425de: ( Support 64-bit jump tables with LP64 data model.
6e03343: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Sandbox initial patch
becb85f: ( [Subzero][MIPS] Implements atomic intrinsics for MIPS32
8208e75: ( Subzero, MIPS32: Changes for improving sandbox crosstest results
2220990: ( Fix offset adjustment in x86 address optimization.
ef18fc5: ( Match sub-vector load/store operand order to regular load/store.
8be6975: ( [SubZero] Fix size of arguments on stack
e1e1783: ( Fix skipping deleted instructions before replacing operands.
a29da90: ( Ensure that the sub-vector load destination is a register.
579b1b3: ( Generalize vector shuffling to accept any operand.
373913f: ( Subzero: Legalize the movzx argument.
35bbca3: ( Subzero: Fix multiply defined symbols in Windows/g++ build.

BUG= swiftshader:24
BUG= swiftshader:9
BUG= swiftshader:22
BUG= swiftshader:15
TEST= PNaCl toolchain trybots

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Native Client

Welcome to Native Client. For the latest information about Native Client, see the Native Client project page.


Most of the Native Client project documentation is available online:

Directory structure

The following list describes major files and directories that you‘ll see in your working copy of the repository, including some directories that don’t exist until you've built Native Client. Paths are relative to the native_client directory.

  • COPYING NOTICE RELEASE_NOTES documentation/: Documentation, release, and license information.

  • SConstruct scons.bat scons scons-out/ site_scons/: Build-related files. The scons.bat and scons files, with data from SConstruct, let you build Native Client and its tests. The scons-out and site-scons directories don‘t exist in the git repository; they’re created when Native Client is built. The scons-out/*/staging directories contain files, such as the Native Client plug-in and compiled examples, that let you use and test Native Client.

  • src/: Core source code for Native Client.

  • src/include/: Header files that are missing from some platforms and are used by more than one major part of Native Client

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  • src/third_party: Other people's source code

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  • src/untrusted/: Source code that's used only by untrusted code

  • tests/common/: Source code for examples and tests.

  • ../third_party/: Third-party source code and binaries that aren't part of the service runtime. When built, the Native Client toolchain is in src/third_party/nacl_sdk/.

  • tools/: Utilities such as the plug-in installer.