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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
set -Ceu
if [[ ! -d "$prefix" ]]; then
echo "Usage: $0 toolchain-prefix"
exit 1
if ! cygcheck -V >/dev/null 2>/dev/null; then
echo "No cygcheck found"
exit 1
echo "WARNING: hang can occur on FAT, use NTFS"
# Redirectors on windows:
# NaCl tools are cygwin programs. To run, they need cygwin DLLs of the same
# or later version of cygwin they were compiled with.
# To avoid requiring users to install or upgrade cygwin, we couple the tools
# with the corresponding DLLs. We place these DLLs in every directory where
# the tools are, so that windows algorithm for locating DLLs pick DLLs
# provided by us.
# Unfortunately, when cygwin program is forked/execed by another cygwin
# program, both are required to use the same version of cygwin DLLs. The
# common case is when user starts a tool from cygwin bash.
# This is solved by hiding actual tools under /libexec (which is a directory
# for programs to be run by other programs rather than by users) and providing
# trivial non-cygwin redirectors (launchers) for these tools.
# Symbolic links vs. hard links:
# On windows/cygwin, hard links are needed to run linked programs outside of
# the cygwin shell. On *nix, there is no usage difference.
# Here we handle only the windows/cygwin case and use the hard links.
# Destination of a redirector is always under /libexec. When redirector source
# name is equal to redirector destination name, it means the source is an actual
# tool to be hidden under /libexec.
# Redirector source can be updated after the redirector was created. Overwrite
# the destination in this case.
./redirector.exe | while IFS='|' read src dst arg; do
if [[ -e "$prefix/$src" ]]; then
if ! cmp -s ./redirector.exe "$prefix/$src"; then
if [[ "$(basename "$src")" = "$(basename "$dst")" ]]; then
mv -f "$prefix/$src" "$prefix/$dst"
# Install redirectors for existing redirector destinations.
./redirector.exe | while IFS='|' read src dst arg; do
if [[ -e "$prefix/$dst" ]]; then
ln -fn ./redirector.exe "$prefix/$src"
# Inject DLLs:
# get list of (directory, dll):
# for each exe:
# run cygcheck to get list of DLLs
# keep unique pairs only
# for each (directory, dll):
# if dll is from /usr/bin:
# add link to the dll in the directory
# We dump all DLLs and filter /usr/bin DLLs later to save cygpath calls.
find "$prefix" -name "*.exe" -print0 | while read -r -d $'\0' exe; do
dir="$(dirname "$exe")"
win_exe="$(cygpath -w "$exe")"
cd "$dir" && cygcheck "$win_exe" | while read -r win_dll; do
echo "$dir:$win_dll"
done | sort -u | while IFS=':' read -r dir win_dll; do
dll="$(cygpath "$win_dll")"
if [[ "$dll" = /usr/bin/*.dll ]]; then
ln -fn "$dll" "$dir"