Stop uploading packages for win and mac

The toolchain trybot was still uploading packages for Windows and Mac,
which took around ~10 min each run.
Stop doing that - Win and Mac are no longer supported.

Bug: b:303417958
Change-Id: Ib60252c32ed13685828690f0a1473029cb634ee6
Commit-Queue: Fabian Sommer <>
Reviewed-by: Derek Schuff <>
diff --git a/toolchain_build/ b/toolchain_build/
index 47e64bb..7752f6a 100755
--- a/toolchain_build/
+++ b/toolchain_build/
@@ -1358,14 +1358,13 @@
   # Host components
   host_packages = {}
-  for os_name, arch in (('win', 'x86-32'),
-                        ('mac', 'x86-64'),
+  for os_name, arch in [
   # These components are all supposed to be the same regardless of which bot is
   # running, however the 32-bit linux bot is special because it builds and tests
   # packages which are never uploaded. Because the package extraction is done by
   # package_version, we still need to output the 32-bit version of the host
   # packages on that bot.
-                        ('linux', pynacl.platform.GetArch3264())):
+                        ('linux', pynacl.platform.GetArch3264())]:
     triple = pynacl.platform.PlatformTriple(os_name, arch)
     legal_triple = pynacl.gsd_storage.LegalizeName(triple)
     host_packages.setdefault(os_name, []).extend(
@@ -1385,7 +1384,7 @@
          'remote_toolchain_inputs_saigo_%s' % legal_saigo_triple])
   # Unsandboxed target IRT libraries
-  for os_name in ['linux', 'mac']:
+  for os_name in ['linux']:
     legal_triple = pynacl.gsd_storage.LegalizeName('x86-32-' + os_name)
     host_packages[os_name].append('unsandboxed_runtime_%s' % legal_triple)
   for os_name in ['linux']: