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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Tools for parsing ELF headers.
import struct
from collections import namedtuple
from driver_log import DriverOpen, DriverClose, Log, FixArch
class ELFHeader(object):
ELF_MAGIC = b'\x7fELF'
ELF_TYPES = { 1: 'REL', # .o
2: 'EXEC', # .exe
3: 'DYN' } # .so
ELF_MACHINES = { 3: '386',
8: 'MIPS',
40: 'ARM',
62: 'X86_64' }
ELF_OSABI = { 0: 'UNIX',
3: 'LINUX',
123: 'NACL' }
ELF_ABI_VER = { 0: 'NONE',
7: 'NACL' }
# A list of tuples of pack format and name. 'P' in pack formats will
# be replaced by 'I' for 32bit ELF and 'Q' for 64bit ELF.
('16s', 'e_ident'),
('H', 'e_type'),
('H', 'e_machine'),
('I', 'e_version'),
('P', 'e_entry'),
('P', 'e_phoff'),
('P', 'e_shoff'),
('I', 'e_flags'),
('H', 'e_ehsize'),
('H', 'e_phentsize'),
('H', 'e_phnum'),
('H', 'e_shentsize'),
('H', 'e_shnum'),
('H', 'e_shstrndx')
Ehdr = namedtuple('Ehdr', ' '.join(name for _, name in ELF_HEADER_FORMAT))
def __init__(self, header, filename):
pack_format = ''.join(fmt for fmt, _ in self.ELF_HEADER_FORMAT)
if isinstance(header[4], int):
e_class = header[4]
e_osabi = header[7]
e_abiver = header[8]
e_class = ord(header[4])
e_osabi = ord(header[7])
e_abiver = ord(header[8])
if e_class == ELFHeader.ELFCLASS32:
pack_format = pack_format.replace('P', 'I')
elif e_class == ELFHeader.ELFCLASS64:
pack_format = pack_format.replace('P', 'Q')
Log.Fatal('%s: ELF file has unknown class (%d)', filename, e_class)
ehdr = self.Ehdr(*struct.unpack_from(pack_format, header))
if e_osabi not in ELFHeader.ELF_OSABI:
Log.Fatal('%s: ELF file has unknown OS ABI (%d)', filename, e_osabi)
if e_abiver not in ELFHeader.ELF_ABI_VER:
Log.Fatal('%s: ELF file has unknown ABI version (%d)', filename, e_abiver)
if ehdr.e_type not in ELFHeader.ELF_TYPES:
Log.Fatal('%s: ELF file has unknown type (%d)', filename, ehdr.e_type)
if ehdr.e_machine not in ELFHeader.ELF_MACHINES:
Log.Fatal('%s: ELF file has unknown machine type (%d)',
filename, ehdr.e_machine)
self.type = self.ELF_TYPES[ehdr.e_type]
self.machine = self.ELF_MACHINES[ehdr.e_machine]
self.osabi = self.ELF_OSABI[e_osabi]
self.abiver = self.ELF_ABI_VER[e_abiver]
self.arch = FixArch(self.machine) # For convenience
self.phoff = ehdr.e_phoff
self.phnum = ehdr.e_phnum
self.phentsize = ehdr.e_phentsize
class ProgramHeader(object):
# Note we cannot use the P => I/Q trick we used for ELF header
# because the order of members of Elf32_Phdr is different from
# Elf64_Phdr's.
('I', 'p_type'),
('I', 'p_offset'),
('I', 'p_vaddr'),
('I', 'p_paddr'),
('I', 'p_filesz'),
('I', 'p_memsz'),
('I', 'p_flags'),
('I', 'p_align'),
('I', 'p_type'),
('I', 'p_flags'),
('Q', 'p_offset'),
('Q', 'p_vaddr'),
('Q', 'p_paddr'),
('Q', 'p_filesz'),
('Q', 'p_memsz'),
('Q', 'p_align'),
def __init__(self, header, filename):
pack_format = None
for program_header_format in [self.PROGRAM_HEADER_FORMAT_32,
pack_format = ''.join(fmt for fmt, _ in program_header_format)
if len(header) == struct.calcsize(pack_format):
Phdr = namedtuple(
'Phdr', ' '.join(name for _, name in program_header_format))
phdr = Phdr(*struct.unpack(pack_format, header))
Log.Fatal('%s: Invalid program header size (%d)', filename, len(header))
self.type = phdr.p_type
self.offset = phdr.p_offset
self.vaddr = phdr.p_vaddr
self.paddr = phdr.p_paddr
self.filesz = phdr.p_filesz
self.memsz = phdr.p_memsz
self.flags = phdr.p_flags
self.align = phdr.p_align
# If the file is not ELF, returns None.
# Otherwise, returns an ELFHeader object.
def GetELFHeader(filename):
fp = DriverOpen(filename, 'rb')
# Read max(sizeof(Elf64_Ehdr), sizeof(Elf32_Ehdr)), which is 64 bytes.
header =
return DecodeELFHeader(header, filename)
def DecodeELFHeader(header, filename):
# Pull e_ident, e_type, e_machine
if header[0:4] != ELFHeader.ELF_MAGIC:
return None
return ELFHeader(header, filename)
# If the file is not ELF, returns None.
# Otherwise, returns a tuple of ELFHeader and list of ProgramHeader objects.
def GetELFAndProgramHeaders(filename):
ehdr = GetELFHeader(filename)
if not ehdr:
return None
phdrs = []
fp = open(filename, 'rb')
for i in range(ehdr.phnum):
phdrs.append(ProgramHeader(, filename))
return (ehdr, phdrs)
# filetype.IsELF calls this IsElf. Top-level tools should prefer filetype.IsELF,
# both for consistency (i.e., all checks for file type come from that library),
# and because its results are cached.
def IsELF(filename):
return GetELFHeader(filename) is not None