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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import shutil
from driver_env import env
from driver_log import Log
import driver_tools
import filetype
'INPUTS' : '',
'OUTPUT' : '',
'COMPRESS' : '0',
PrepPatterns = [
( ('-o','(.*)'), "env.set('OUTPUT', pathtools.normalize($0))"),
( '--no-finalize', "env.set('DISABLE_FINALIZE', '1')"),
( '--no-strip-syms', "env.set('DISABLE_STRIP_SYMS', '1')"),
( '--compress', "env.set('COMPRESS', '1')"),
( '--strip-(all|debug|unneeded)', ""),
( '(-.*)', driver_tools.UnrecognizedOption),
( '(.*)', "env.append('INPUTS', pathtools.normalize($0))"),
def main(argv):
driver_tools.ParseArgs(argv, PrepPatterns)
inputs = env.get('INPUTS')
output = env.getone('OUTPUT')
for path in inputs + [output]:
if len(inputs) != 1:
Log.Fatal('Can only have one input')
f_input = inputs[0]
# Allow in-place file changes if output isn't specified..
if output != '':
f_output = output
f_output = f_input
if env.getbool('DISABLE_FINALIZE') or filetype.IsPNaClBitcode(f_input):
# Just copy the input file to the output file.
if f_input != f_output:
shutil.copyfile(f_input, f_output)
return 0
opt_flags = ['-disable-opt', '-strip-metadata', '-strip-module-flags',
'--bitcode-format=pnacl', f_input, '-o', f_output]
if env.getbool('DISABLE_STRIP_SYMS'):
opt_flags += ['-strip-debug']
opt_flags += ['-strip']
# Transform the file, and convert it to a PNaCl bitcode file.
driver_tools.RunDriver('pnacl-opt', opt_flags)
# Compress the result if requested.
if env.getbool('COMPRESS'):
driver_tools.RunDriver('pnacl-compress', [f_output])
return 0
def get_help(unused_argv):
script = env.getone('SCRIPT_NAME')
return """Usage: %s <options> in-file
This tool prepares a PNaCl bitcode application for ABI stability.
The options are:
-h --help Display this output
-o <file> Place the output into <file>. Otherwise, the
input file is modified in-place.
--no-finalize Don't run preparation steps (just copy in -> out).
--no-strip-syms Don't strip function names. NOTE: this may
or may not be allowed by the PNaCl ABI checker.
--compress Run pnacl-compress on the generated pexe to minimize
pexe size.
--strip-all Ignored for compatibility with 'strip'
""" % script