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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from __future__ import print_function
from driver_env import env
from driver_log import Log
import driver_tools
import filetype
'INPUTS': '',
'FLAGS': '',
( '(-.*)', "env.append('FLAGS', $0)"),
( '(.*)', "env.append('INPUTS', pathtools.normalize($0))"),
def main(argv):
driver_tools.ParseArgs(argv, PATTERNS)
inputs = env.get('INPUTS')
if len(inputs) == 0:
Log.Fatal("No input files given")
for infile in inputs:
env.set('input', infile)
if filetype.IsLLVMBitcode(infile):
# Hack to support newlib build.
# Newlib determines whether the toolchain supports .init_array, etc., by
# compiling a small test and looking for a specific section tidbit using
# "readelf -S". Since pnacl compiles to bitcode, readelf isn't available.
# (there is a line: "if ${READELF} -S conftest | grep -e INIT_ARRAY"
# in newlib's configure file).
# TODO(sehr): we may want to implement a whole readelf on bitcode.
flags = env.get('FLAGS')
if len(flags) == 1 and flags[0] == '-S':
return 0
Log.Fatal('Cannot handle pnacl-readelf %s' % str(argv))
return 1
driver_tools.Run('"${READELF}" ${FLAGS} ${input}')
# only reached in case of no errors
return 0
def get_help(unused_argv):
return """
Usage: %s <option(s)> elf-file(s)
Display information about the contents of ELF format files
Options are:
-a --all Equivalent to: -h -l -S -s -r -d -V -A -I
-h --file-header Display the ELF file header
-l --program-headers Display the program headers
--segments An alias for --program-headers
-S --section-headers Display the sections' header
--sections An alias for --section-headers
-g --section-groups Display the section groups
-t --section-details Display the section details
-e --headers Equivalent to: -h -l -S
-s --syms Display the symbol table
--symbols An alias for --syms
-n --notes Display the core notes (if present)
-r --relocs Display the relocations (if present)
-u --unwind Display the unwind info (if present)
-d --dynamic Display the dynamic section (if present)
-V --version-info Display the version sections (if present)
-A --arch-specific Display architecture specific information (if any).
-c --archive-index Display the symbol/file index in an archive
-D --use-dynamic Use the dynamic section info when displaying symbols
-x --hex-dump=<number|name>
Dump the contents of section <number|name> as bytes
-p --string-dump=<number|name>
Dump the contents of section <number|name> as strings
-R --relocated-dump=<number|name>
Dump the contents of section <number|name> as relocated bytes
-w[lLiaprmfFsoR] or
Display the contents of DWARF2 debug sections
-I --histogram Display histogram of bucket list lengths
-W --wide Allow output width to exceed 80 characters
@<file> Read options from <file>
-H --help Display this information
-v --version Display the version number of readelf
""" % env.getone('SCRIPT_NAME')