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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import driver_tools
import filetype
import shutil
import pathtools
from driver_env import env
from driver_log import Log
'INPUTS' : '',
'OUTPUT' : '',
'MODE' : 'all',
'OPT_FLAGS_all' : '-disable-opt --strip',
'OPT_FLAGS_debug' : '-disable-opt --strip-debug',
'OPT_FLAGS_unneeded' : '-disable-opt --strip',
'STRIP_FLAGS_all' : '-s',
'STRIP_FLAGS_debug' : '-S',
'STRIP_FLAGS_unneeded': '--strip-unneeded',
'RUN_OPT' : '${LLVM_OPT} ${OPT_FLAGS} ${input} -o ${output}',
'RUN_STRIP' : '${STRIP} ${STRIP_FLAGS} ${input} -o ${output}',
StripPatterns = [
( ('-o','(.*)'), "env.set('OUTPUT', pathtools.normalize($0))"),
( ('-o','(.*)'), "env.set('OUTPUT', pathtools.normalize($0))"),
( '--strip-all', "env.set('MODE', 'all')"),
( '-s', "env.set('MODE', 'all')"),
( '--strip-debug', "env.set('MODE', 'debug')"),
( '-S', "env.set('MODE', 'debug')"),
( '-g', "env.set('MODE', 'debug')"),
( '-d', "env.set('MODE', 'debug')"),
( '--strip-unneeded',"env.set('MODE', 'unneeded')"),
( '(-p)', "env.append('STRIP_FLAGS', $0)"),
( '(--info)', "env.append('STRIP_FLAGS', $0)"),
( '(-.*)', driver_tools.UnrecognizedOption),
( '(.*)', "env.append('INPUTS', pathtools.normalize($0))"),
def main(argv):
driver_tools.ParseArgs(argv, StripPatterns)
inputs = env.get('INPUTS')
output = env.getone('OUTPUT')
for path in inputs + [output]:
if len(inputs) > 1 and output != '':
Log.Fatal('Cannot have -o with multiple inputs')
if '--info' in env.get('STRIP_FLAGS'):
code, _, _ = driver_tools.Run('${STRIP} ${STRIP_FLAGS}')
return code
for f in inputs:
if output != '':
f_output = output
f_output = f
if filetype.IsPNaClBitcode(f):
# PNaCl-format bitcode has no symbols, i.e. it is already stripped.
if f != f_output:
shutil.copyfile(f, f_output)
elif filetype.IsLLVMBitcode(f):
driver_tools.RunWithEnv('${RUN_OPT}', input=f, output=f_output)
elif filetype.IsELF(f) or filetype.IsNativeArchive(f):
driver_tools.RunWithEnv('${RUN_STRIP}', input=f, output=f_output)
elif filetype.IsBitcodeArchive(f):
# The strip tool supports native archives, but it does not support the
# LLVM gold plugin so cannot handle bitcode. There is also no bitcode
# tool like opt that support archives.
Log.Fatal('%s: strip does not support bitcode archives',
Log.Fatal('%s: File is neither ELF, nor bitcode', pathtools.touser(f))
return 0
def get_help(unused_argv):
script = env.getone('SCRIPT_NAME')
return """Usage: %s <option(s)> in-file(s)
Removes symbols and sections from bitcode or native code.
The options are:
-p --preserve-dates Copy modified/access timestamps to the output
(only native code for now)
-s --strip-all Remove all symbol and relocation information
-g -S -d --strip-debug Remove all debugging symbols & sections
--strip-unneeded Remove all symbols not needed by relocations
-h --help Display this output
--info List object formats & architectures supported
-o <file> Place stripped output into <file>
%s: supported targets: bitcode, native code (see --info).
""" % (script, script)