Update revision for PNaCl

Update b48266b051f596802addff7c8d1fc6fb9cf6bea7 -> ff15c51d20785fa51c0ef03ccb480b87299acbeb

Pull the following PNaCl changes into NaCl:
  17af1e8: (dschuff@chromium.org) PNaCl: Update llvm revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS
  0ec1fb9: (dschuff@chromium.org) Update sysroot used by toolchain build
  df9028d: (dschuff@chromium.org) PNaCl: Update libcxx revision in pnacl/COMPONENT_REVISIONS
  1e21238: (dschuff@chromium.org) Link toolchain host binaries with lld on Linux
  ff15c51: (thakis@chromium.org) Let TempNameGen not generate absolute paths.

BUG= <none>
BUG= none
R= dschuff@chromium.org, thakis@chromium.org
TEST=git cl try
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Native Client

Welcome to Native Client. For the latest information about Native Client, see the Native Client project page.


Most of the Native Client project documentation is available online:

Directory structure

The following list describes major files and directories that you‘ll see in your working copy of the repository, including some directories that don’t exist until you've built Native Client. Paths are relative to the native_client directory.

  • COPYING NOTICE README.md RELEASE_NOTES documentation/: Documentation, release, and license information.

  • SConstruct scons.bat scons scons-out/ site_scons/: Build-related files. The scons.bat and scons files, with data from SConstruct, let you build Native Client and its tests. The scons-out and site-scons directories don‘t exist in the git repository; they’re created when Native Client is built. The scons-out/*/staging directories contain files, such as the Native Client plug-in and compiled examples, that let you use and test Native Client.

  • src/: Core source code for Native Client.

  • src/include/: Header files that are missing from some platforms and are used by more than one major part of Native Client

  • src/shared/: Source code that's used by both trusted code (such as the service runtime) and untrusted code (such as Native Client modules)

  • src/third_party: Other people's source code

  • src/trusted/: Source code that's used only by trusted code

  • src/untrusted/: Source code that's used only by untrusted code

  • tests/common/: Source code for examples and tests.

  • ../third_party/: Third-party source code and binaries that aren't part of the service runtime. When built, the Native Client toolchain is in src/third_party/nacl_sdk/.

  • tools/: Utilities such as the plug-in installer.