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# Copyright 2010 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved. Use
# of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This config file is a shell script which can be used to remap where autoconf
# stores cached information, such that even if the output directory is clobbered
# the cache can be retained. This is particularly helpful for cygwin, which
# takes a long time to generate configuration information.
# This file can be used by setting:
# CONFIG_SITE=`pwd`/global_config_cache
# GLOBAL_CONFIG_CACHE=/nacl_config_cache
# Handle /dev/null by assuming a local config.
if test "$cache_file" = /dev/null; then
# Find the absolute path to the default cache file, and its containing dir.
cache_file_dir=$(dirname "$cache_file")
cache_file_dir_abs=$(cd "$cache_file_dir" ; pwd)
cache_file_base=$(basename "$cache_file")
# Create a place for the cache file in a global location.
mkdir -p "$GLOBAL_CONFIG_CACHE/$cache_file_dir_abs"
# Set the cache file to a global location.