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Non-SFI NaCl (also known as Bare Metal Mode NaCl) is a minimal sandbox in which programs are sandboxed at the OS level only, using a Linux Seccomp-BPF sandbox, without using SFI sandboxing (Software Fault Isolation). Programs running under Non-SFI NaCl use the same IRT interfaces as under SFI NaCl.

Under SFI NaCl, IRT interfaces are implemented in terms of NaCl syscalls, whereas under Non-SFI NaCl, IRT interfaces are implemented in terms of Linux syscalls. The latter provides weaker security guarantees, but is easier to implement overall since it removes the need to implement NaCl syscalls.

To load your own nexe using a default IRT, check out native_client/src/nonsfi/loader/elf_loader_main.c to see how a nexe can be loaded with the default IRT querying function. This loader implements IRT interfaces in terms of Linux syscalls.

To load a nexe while providing extra IRT interfaces in addition to NaCl's core IRT interfaces, you need a few components:

  • An IRT interface definition.
    • Example: native_client/tests/nonsfi/example_interface.h
  • A nexe which is capable of calling a query function to access the interface.
    • Example: native_client/tests/nonsfi/
  • An implementation of your interface, a query function, and a nexe loader.
    • Example: native_client/tests/nonsfi/

Together, the loader will be able to load a nexe, passing in a function which can query for access to the implementation. Once running, the nexe will be able to call this query function and gain access to the custom interface.