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# -*- python -*-
# Copyright 2012 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This test case tests an experimental use case for NaCl. If you make
# a change which breaks this test which is difficult to fix, you can
# disable the test, but please CC mseaborn,krasin.
if 'TRUSTED_ENV' not in env:
trusted_env = env['TRUSTED_ENV']
runner = trusted_env.ComponentProgram(
'multidomain_test_host', ['multidomain_test_host.c'],
test_prog = env.ComponentProgram(
'multidomain_test_guest', ['multidomain_test_guest.c'],
EXTRA_LIBS=['imc_syscalls', '${NONIRT_LIBS}'])
# If we are generating a pexe, translate it first
test_prog = env.GetTranslatedNexe(test_prog)
node = env.CommandTest('multidomain_test.out', [runner, test_prog],
# Increase verbosity to get more information in
# the event of a crash.
# This test does not work everywhere:
# * NaCl's ARM/MIPS sandboxes do not support multiple sandboxes per
# process, so this test is disabled for ARM/MIPS.
# * multidomain_test_host assumes it is given a statically linked
# executable. Furthermore, statically-linked nacl-glibc does not
# work here because of validation failures which require stubout
# mode.
is_broken = (env.Bit('build_arm') or
env.Bit('build_mips32') or
env.AddNodeToTestSuite(node, ['small_tests'], 'run_multidomain_test',