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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Tool for searching for libraries.
import driver_log
import filetype
import pathtools
class LibraryTypes(object):
""" An enum indicating the type of library that can be searched for. """
ANY = 3
def FindFirstLinkerScriptInput(inputs):
for i in xrange(len(inputs)):
f = inputs[i]
if IsFlag(f):
if filetype.IsLinkerScript(f):
return (i, f)
return (None, None)
def ExpandLinkerScripts(inputs, searchdirs, static_only):
while True:
# Find a ldscript in the input list
i, path = FindFirstLinkerScriptInput(inputs)
# If none, we are done.
if path is None:
new_inputs = filetype.ParseLinkerScript(path)
ExpandLibFlags(new_inputs, searchdirs, static_only,
inputs = inputs[:i] + new_inputs + inputs[i+1:]
return inputs
def ExpandLibFlags(inputs, searchdirs, static_only, acceptable_types):
""" Given an input list, expand -lfoo or
into a full filename. Returns the new input list """
for i in xrange(len(inputs)):
f = inputs[i]
if IsFlag(f):
if IsLib(f):
inputs[i] = FindLib(f, searchdirs, static_only, acceptable_types)
def IsFlag(arg):
return arg.startswith('-') and not IsLib(arg)
def IsLib(arg):
return arg.startswith('-l')
def FindLib(arg, searchdirs, static_only, acceptable_types):
"""Returns the full pathname for the library input.
For example, name might be "-lc" or "-lm".
assert(searchdirs is not None)
name = arg[len('-l'):]
if not name:
driver_log.Log.Fatal("-l missing library name")
is_whole_name = (name[0] == ':')
if static_only:
extensions = [ 'a' ]
extensions = [ 'so', 'a' ]
if is_whole_name:
label = name
label = arg
searchnames = []
if is_whole_name:
# -l:filename (search for the filename)
name = name[1:]
# If the real IRT shim is not found, fall back to the dummy shim
if name == 'libpnacl_irt_shim.a':
# -lfoo
for ext in extensions:
searchnames.append('lib' + name + '.' + ext)
foundpath = FindFile(searchnames, searchdirs, acceptable_types)
if foundpath:
return foundpath
# The driver sometimes injects pthread into the input library list
# when pthread_private should be used. The following is mostly okay
# because it's only run when the library isn't found, and only does
# something if pthread_private is found. The SDK doesn't ship with
# pthread_private, so in practice it won't be found by real SDK users,
# so it'll just fall through to the log Fatal.
if name == 'pthread':
for ext in extensions:
searchnames.append('lib' + 'pthread_private' + '.' + ext)
foundpath = FindFile(searchnames, searchdirs, acceptable_types)
if foundpath:
return foundpath
driver_log.Log.Fatal("Cannot find '%s'", label)
def FindFile(search_names, search_dirs, acceptable_types):
for curdir in search_dirs:
for name in search_names:
path = pathtools.join(curdir, name)
if pathtools.exists(path):
if acceptable_types == LibraryTypes.ANY:
return path
# Linker scripts aren't classified as Native or Bitcode.
if filetype.IsLinkerScript(path):
return path
if (acceptable_types == LibraryTypes.NATIVE and
return path
if (acceptable_types == LibraryTypes.BITCODE and
(filetype.IsLLVMBitcode(path) or
return path
return None
def ExpandInputs(inputs, searchdirs, static_only, acceptable_types):
# Expand all -l flags into filenames
ExpandLibFlags(inputs, searchdirs, static_only, acceptable_types)
# Expand input files which are linker scripts
inputs = ExpandLinkerScripts(inputs, searchdirs, static_only)
return inputs