NonSFI mode: Enable compiling exception_test for NonSFI NaCl on ARM

NonSFI newlib uses pnacl-clang toolchain for x86-32 and ARM architectures.
Try enabling inline assembly for those architectures with appropriate flags for tests.

Test will run if forced but will not pass.

TESTED=   ./scons -j20 --mode=dbg-host,nacl \
  bitcode=1 nonsfi_nacl=1 pnacl_generate_pexe=0 \
  platform=arm run_exception_test

 ./scons -j20 --mode=dbg-host,nacl_irt_test \
  bitcode=1 nonsfi_nacl=1 pnacl_generate_pexe=0 \
  use_newlib_nonsfi_loader=0 platform=arm run_exception_test
  # now fails with SIGSEGV in first test instead of not being able to build.


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git-svn-id: svn:// fcba33aa-ac0c-11dd-b9e7-8d5594d729c2
diff --git a/site_tools/ b/site_tools/
index ce9a2d9..dbe3128 100755
--- a/site_tools/
+++ b/site_tools/
@@ -303,6 +303,8 @@
   arch_flag = ' -arch ${TARGET_FULLARCH}'
+  if env.Bit('nonsfi_nacl'):
+    arch_flag += '-nonsfi'
   cc_flags = ' --pnacl-allow-native --pnacl-allow-translate'
   env.Append(CC=arch_flag + cc_flags,
              CXX=arch_flag + cc_flags,