Make nonpexe builds default to using biased bitcode

Nonpexe tests in the past have served the purpose of testing
several sort-of-supported use cases such as building with
mixed portable bitcode and native code for speed. It also tested
special cases such as calling convention tests that explicitly
used biased bitcode.

The cases we do want to support (IRT building and nonsfi mode)
use biased bitcode for ABI compatibility. So default
to biased bitcode for nonpexe tests.

Also stop building all tests in nonpexe mode, and just build
the nonpexe_tests. In the past this build was there just to
make sure clang didn't regress in unsupported cases, but
we have nacl-clang to cover this now. In the future even
more of the nonpexe tests can be simplified or moved to be
nacl-clang tests.


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