Continuous build and try jobs

Open Screen uses LUCI builders to monitor the build and test health of the library.

Current builders include:

linux64_debugx86-64Ubuntu Linux 18.04clangdebugASAN enabled
linux_arm64_debugarm64Ubuntu Linux 20.04 [*]clangdebug
linux64_gcc_debugx86-64Ubuntu Linux 18.04gcc-7debug
linux64_tsanx86-64Ubuntu Linux 18.04clangreleaseTSAN enabled
linux64_coverage_debugx86-64Ubuntu Linux 18.04clangdebugused for code coverage
linux64_cast_e2ex86-64Ubuntu Linux 18.04clangdebugBuilds cast standalone
mac_debugx86-64Mac OS X/Xcodeclangdebug
chromium_linux64_debugx86-64Ubuntu Linux 18.04clangdebugbuilt with chromium
chromium_mac_debugx86-64Mac OS X 10.15clangdebugbuilt with chromium

[*] Tests run on Ubuntu 20.04, but are cross-compiled to arm64 with a debian stretch sysroot.

The chromium_ builders compile against Chromium top-of-tree to ensure that changes can be autorolled into Chromium.

You can run a patch through all builders using git cl try or the Gerrit Web interface. All builders are run as part of the commit queue and are also run continuously in our CI.