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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <openssl/ssl.h>
#include <memory>
#include "platform/api/tls_connection.h"
#include "platform/api/tls_connection_factory.h"
#include "platform/base/error.h"
#include "platform/impl/platform_client_posix.h"
#include "platform/impl/tls_data_router_posix.h"
#include "util/weak_ptr.h"
namespace openscreen {
class StreamSocket;
class TlsConnectionFactoryPosix : public TlsConnectionFactory,
public TlsDataRouterPosix::SocketObserver {
TlsConnectionFactoryPosix(Client* client,
TaskRunner* task_runner,
PlatformClientPosix* platform_client =
~TlsConnectionFactoryPosix() override;
// TlsConnectionFactory overrides.
// TODO(jophba, rwkeane): Determine how to handle multiple connection attempts
// to the same remote_address, and how to distinguish errors.
void Connect(const IPEndpoint& remote_address,
const TlsConnectOptions& options) override;
void SetListenCredentials(const TlsCredentials& credentials) override;
void Listen(const IPEndpoint& local_address,
const TlsListenOptions& options) override;
// TlsDataRouterPosix::SocketObserver overrides.
void OnConnectionPending(StreamSocketPosix* socket) override;
// Configures a new SSL connection when a StreamSocket connection is accepted.
void OnSocketAccepted(std::unique_ptr<StreamSocket> socket);
// Configures the SSL connection for the provided TlsConnectionPosix,
// returning true if the process is successful, false otherwise.
bool ConfigureSsl(TlsConnectionPosix* connection);
// Ensures that SSL is initialized, then gets a new SSL connection.
ErrorOr<bssl::UniquePtr<SSL>> GetSslConnection();
// Method wrapping the Initialize() private method, that can be safely called
// multiple times.
void EnsureInitialized();
// Create the shared context used for all SSL connections created by this
// factory.
void Initialize();
// Handles their respective SSL handshake calls. These will continue to be
// scheduled on |task_runner_| until the handshake completes.
void Connect(std::unique_ptr<TlsConnectionPosix> connection);
void Accept(std::unique_ptr<TlsConnectionPosix> connection);
// Called on any thread, to post a task to notify the Client that a connection
// failure or other error has occurred.
void DispatchConnectionFailed(const IPEndpoint& remote_endpoint);
void DispatchError(Error error);
// Thread-safe mechanism to ensure Initialize() is only called once.
std::once_flag init_instance_flag_;
// Are the Listen() credentials set? Getting the certificate directly
// from the SSL_CTX is non-trivial, so we store a property instead.
bool listen_credentials_set_ = false;
Client* const client_;
TaskRunner* const task_runner_;
PlatformClientPosix* const platform_client_;
// SSL context, for creating SSL Connections via BoringSSL.
bssl::UniquePtr<SSL_CTX> ssl_context_;
WeakPtrFactory<TlsConnectionFactoryPosix> weak_factory_{this};
} // namespace openscreen