Revert "Test Findit commit dirty revert."

This reverts commit fa9d53dfb5832fa2fb18c5f773ed7cbbd3fdad99.

Reason for revert: Create a pure revert and ask Findit to revert it.

Original change's description:
> Test Findit commit dirty revert.
> This CL will first be CR+1 and committed as a normal CL - Should committed.
> Then Findit will creates a pure revert. I'll modify something to change the CL to dirty revert. Then ask Findit to commit the revert. - Should need Code-review.
> Then I (non-Findit user) will create a pure revert, ask Findit to commit the revert. - Should need Code-Review
> Change-Id: Ic9d96a3506320c6f95acc79940772adeec184d8c
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> Reviewed-by: Chan Li <>

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