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Normal CQ workflow.

First make sure you have proper codereview.settings like the one in this repo.

Committers set the CQ label to either 1 (Dry run) or 2 (Ready for CQ) which will automatically submit change after all conditions are met:

  • CQ verifiers pass the change.
  • Gerrit allows to submit it.

Clone it this normal way:

git clone

Initialize your repository first:

git new-branch feature
# hack, hack, hack
git add changed.file
git commit
# You can hack more, and commit again,
# but they'll all be squashed by default in git cl upload step.

# OK, now ask others for review:
git cl upload

# Make changes locally per review.
git add changed.file
git commit

# Now upload new patchset and trigger CQ dry run.
git cl upload -d