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  1. 0222e70 ok: refactor Src/Dst interactions by Mike Klein · 49 minutes ago master
  2. f5d1a55 ok: basic Vias by Mike Klein · 4 hours ago
  3. 7ac0483 Spin off non-core parts of ok into their own files. by Mike Klein · 5 hours ago
  4. 5fa3d6d Revert "Revert "simplify api to bitmapcache"" by Mike Reed · 7 hours ago
  5. 1b52df3 Remove draw-as-clear workaround for Adreno 3xx in Chrome. by Brian Salomon · 20 hours ago
  6. dd1b4e9 Revert "simplify api to bitmapcache" by Florin Malita · 23 hours ago
  7. 51fe971 ok: introduce the idea of Dsts by Mike Klein · 24 hours ago
  8. 9f4b0ae simplify api to bitmapcache by Mike Reed · 24 hours ago
  9. 37b1d84 Omit tests causing IntelIris540 Vulkan to crash/fail. by Ben Wagner · 25 hours ago
  10. 0513f14 Try a different calculation for computing convexity. by Jim Van Verth · 26 hours ago
  11. 31f96a6 Revert "Remove texture sampling from GrConfigConversionEffect" by Brian Osman · 27 hours ago
  12. ec715e8 quick-fix to surface dox by Mike Reed · 28 hours ago
  13. f4d443f Fix SkImage_Gpu::getROPixels by Brian Osman · 28 hours ago
  14. f388093 Delete SkColorSpace::ColorSpaceFlags by Matt Sarett · 28 hours ago
  15. 70288c0 Add function to perform color fragment processor elimination while performing FP analysis. by Brian Salomon · 28 hours ago
  16. d3caa77 Update Linux Intel Release driver with patch to fix Vulkan by Greg Daniel · 29 hours ago
  17. 528ca9b Run angle in 8 sample msaa on desktop by Brian Salomon · 29 hours ago
  18. dc276f9 Disable convex check for now. by Jim Van Verth · 29 hours ago
  19. ab664fa Revert "Revert "Create new inset algorithm for spot shadows"" by Brian Salomon · 29 hours ago
  20. e7c85c4 Revert "Create new inset algorithm for spot shadows" by Brian Salomon · 30 hours ago