Revert "Add an SkImageGenerator that uses NDK APIs"

This reverts commit cfef980939de1c1f6e21a43b16423f0912e87074.

Reason for revert: Breaking Google3 roll

Original change's description:
> Add an SkImageGenerator that uses NDK APIs
> Bug: skia:10369
> Bug: skia:10371
> This will allow Skia clients developing for Android 11+ to rely on
> Android's NDK APIs for decoding, which will allow them to decode
> without including their own decoding libraries (e.g. libjpeg-turbo).
> Using these APIs also provides support for static HEIF images.
> Run ImageGenSrc in kPlatform_Mode on Android to verify decoding
> visually.
> Add tests and a grayscale png.
> Update some test bots running Android R to specify ndk_api so they will
> run the new code.
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Bug: skia:10369
Bug: skia:10371
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