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// Copyright 2014 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// -----------------
// Repository Format
// -----------------
// This file implements a repository for crash reports that are pending upload.
// The repository has a single root directory and creates several subdirectories
// beneath it:
// <root>/Incoming
// <root>/Retry
// <root>/Retry 2
// Reports are stored in the repository by creating a minidump file and passing
// its path, along with a dictionary of crash keys to StoreReport. The minidump
// will be moved into Incoming and its crash keys serialized alongside it. The
// minidump will be given a .dmp extension (if it doesn't already have one) and
// the crash keys will be in a file having the same basename and a '.kys'
// extension.
// After a successful upload, the minidump and crash keys files are deleted.
// After a failed upload, a report in "Incoming" will be moved to "Retry", a
// report in "Retry" to "Retry 2", and a report from "Retry 2" will be processed
// using the configured PermanentFailureHandler.
// When the repository receives or attempts to upload a report the report file
// timestamps are updated. While files in "Incoming" are always eligible for
// upload, those in "Retry" and "Retry 2" are eligible when their last-modified
// date is older than the configured retry interval.
// Orphaned report files (minidumps without crash keys and vice-versa) may be
// detected during upload attempts. When receiving new minidumps, we first write
// the crash keys to "Incoming" before moving the minidump file in. As a result,
// an orphaned minidump file is always an error condition and will be deleted
// immediately upon detection. An orphaned crash keys file may occur normally in
// the interval before the minidump file is moved. These files are only deleted
// when their timestamp is more than a day in the past.
#include "syzygy/kasko/report_repository.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/files/file_enumerator.h"
#include "base/files/file_util.h"
#include "syzygy/kasko/crash_keys_serialization.h"
namespace kasko {
namespace {
// The extension used when serializing crash keys.
const base::char16 kCrashKeysFileExtension[] = L".kys";
// The extension used to identify minidump files.
const base::char16 kDumpFileExtension[] = L".dmp";
// The subdirectory where new reports (minidumps and crash keys) are initially
// stored.
const base::char16 kIncomingReportsSubdir[] = L"Incoming";
// The subdirectory where reports that have failed once are stored.
const base::char16 kFailedOnceSubdir[] = L"Retry";
// The subdirectory where reports that have failed twice are stored.
const base::char16 kFailedTwiceSubdir[] = L"Retry 2";
// Deletes a path non-recursively and logs an error in case of failure.
// @param path The path to delete.
// @returns true if the operation succeeds.
bool LoggedDeleteFile(const base::FilePath& path) {
bool result = base::DeleteFile(path, false);
LOG_IF(ERROR, !result) << "Failed to delete " << path.value();
return result;
// Takes ownership of a FilePath. The owned path will be deleted when the
// ScopedReportFile is destroyed.
class ScopedReportFile {
explicit ScopedReportFile(const base::FilePath& path) : path_(path) {}
~ScopedReportFile() {
if (!path_.empty())
// Provides access to the owned value.
// @returns the owned path.
base::FilePath Get() const { return path_; }
// Releases ownership of the owned path.
// @returns the owned path.
base::FilePath Take() {
base::FilePath temp = path_;
path_ = base::FilePath();
return temp;
// Moves the file pointed to by the owned path, and updates the owned path
// to the new path.
// @param new_path The full destination path.
// @returns true if the operation succeeds.
bool Move(const base::FilePath& new_path) {
bool result = base::Move(path_, new_path);
LOG_IF(ERROR, !result) << "Failed to move " << path_.value() << " to "
<< new_path.value();
if (result)
path_ = new_path;
return result;
// Sets the last-modified timestamp of the file pointed to by the owned path.
// @param value The desired timestamp.
// @returns true if the operation succeeds.
bool UpdateTimestamp(const base::Time& value) {
bool result = false;
if (!path_.empty()) {
result = base::TouchFile(path_, value, value);
LOG_IF(ERROR, !result) << "Failed to update timestamp for "
<< path_.value();
return result;
base::FilePath path_;
// Returns the crash keys file path corresponding to the supplied minidump file
// path.
// @param minidump_path The path to a minidump file.
// @returns The path where the corresponding crash keys file should be stored.
base::FilePath GetCrashKeysFileForDumpFile(
const base::FilePath& minidump_path) {
return minidump_path.ReplaceExtension(kCrashKeysFileExtension);
// Returns the minidump file path corresponding to the supplied crash keys file
// path.
// @param crash_keys_path The path to a crash keys file.
// @returns The path where the corresponding minidump file should be stored.
base::FilePath GetDumpFileForCrashKeysFile(
const base::FilePath& crash_keys_path) {
return crash_keys_path.ReplaceExtension(kDumpFileExtension);
// Returns a minidump that is eligible for upload from the given directory, if
// any are.
// @param directory The directory to scan.
// @param maximum_timestamp_for_retries The cutoff for the most most recent
// upload attempt of eligible minidumps. If null, there is no cutoff.
// @returns The path to a minidump that is eligible for upload, if any.
base::FilePath GetPendingReportFromDirectory(
const base::FilePath& directory,
const base::Time& maximum_timestamp_for_retries) {
base::FileEnumerator file_enumerator(
directory, false, base::FileEnumerator::FILES,
base::string16(L"*") + kDumpFileExtension);
// Visit all files in this directory until we find an eligible one.
for (base::FilePath candidate = file_enumerator.Next(); !candidate.empty();
candidate = file_enumerator.Next()) {
// Skip dumps with missing crash keys.
if (!base::PathExists(GetCrashKeysFileForDumpFile(candidate))) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Deleting a minidump file with missing crash keys: "
<< candidate.value();
if (maximum_timestamp_for_retries.is_null())
return candidate;
// Check if this file is eligible for retry.
base::FileEnumerator::FileInfo file_info = file_enumerator.GetInfo();
if (file_info.GetLastModifiedTime() <= maximum_timestamp_for_retries)
return candidate;
return base::FilePath();
void CleanOrphanedCrashKeysFiles(
const base::FilePath& repository_path,
const base::Time& now) {
base::Time one_day_ago(now - base::TimeDelta::FromDays(1));
const base::char16* subdirs[] = {
kIncomingReportsSubdir, kFailedOnceSubdir, kFailedTwiceSubdir};
for (size_t i = 0; i < arraysize(subdirs); ++i) {
base::FileEnumerator file_enumerator(
repository_path.Append(subdirs[i]), false, base::FileEnumerator::FILES,
base::string16(L"*") + kCrashKeysFileExtension);
for (base::FilePath candidate = file_enumerator.Next(); !candidate.empty();
candidate = file_enumerator.Next()) {
if (base::PathExists(GetDumpFileForCrashKeysFile(candidate)))
// We write crash keys files before moving dump files, so there is a brief
// period where an orphan might be expected. Only delete orphans that are
// more than a day old.
if (file_enumerator.GetInfo().GetLastModifiedTime() >= one_day_ago)
LOG(ERROR) << "Deleting a crash keys file with missing minidump: "
<< candidate.value();
// Returns a minidump that is eligible for upload, if any are.
// @param repository_path The directory where this repository stores reports.
// @param now The current time.
// @param retry_interval The minimum interval between upload attempts for a
// given report.
// @returns A pair of mindump path (empty if none) and failure destination
// (empty if the next failure is permanent).
std::pair<base::FilePath, base::FilePath> GetPendingReport(
const base::FilePath& repository_path,
const base::Time& now,
const base::TimeDelta& retry_interval) {
struct {
const base::char16* subdir;
const base::char16* failure_subdir;
base::Time retry_cutoff;
} directories[] = {
{kIncomingReportsSubdir, kFailedOnceSubdir, base::Time()},
{kFailedOnceSubdir, kFailedTwiceSubdir, now - retry_interval},
{kFailedTwiceSubdir, nullptr, now - retry_interval}};
for (size_t i = 0; i < arraysize(directories); ++i) {
base::FilePath result = GetPendingReportFromDirectory(
if (!result.empty()) {
if (!directories[i].failure_subdir)
return std::make_pair(result, base::FilePath());
return std::make_pair(
result, repository_path.Append(directories[i].failure_subdir));
return std::pair<base::FilePath, base::FilePath>();
// Handles a non-permanent failure by moving the report files to a new queue.
// @param minidump_file The minidump file. This method calls Take() on success.
// @param crash_keys_file The crash keys file. This method calls Take() on
// success.
// @param destination_directory The directory where the files should be moved
// to.
void HandleNonpermanentFailure(ScopedReportFile* minidump_file,
ScopedReportFile* crash_keys_file,
const base::FilePath& destination_directory) {
bool result = base::CreateDirectory(destination_directory);
LOG_IF(ERROR, !result) << "Failed to create destination directory "
<< destination_directory.value();
if (result) {
if (minidump_file->Move(
destination_directory.Append(minidump_file->Get().BaseName()))) {
if (crash_keys_file->Move(destination_directory.Append(
crash_keys_file->Get().BaseName()))) {
// Handles a permanent failure by invoking the PermanentFailureHandler. Ensures
// that the report files are removed from the repository.
// @param minidump_path The path to the minidump file.
// @param crash_keys_path The path to the crash keys file.
// @param permanent_failure_handler The PermanentFailureHandler to invoke.
void HandlePermanentFailure(const base::FilePath& minidump_path,
const base::FilePath& crash_keys_path,
const ReportRepository::PermanentFailureHandler&
permanent_failure_handler) {
permanent_failure_handler.Run(minidump_path, crash_keys_path);
// In case the handler didn't delete the files, we will.
if (base::PathExists(minidump_path))
if (base::PathExists(crash_keys_path))
} // namespace
const base::FilePath& repository_path,
const base::TimeDelta& retry_interval,
const TimeSource& time_source,
const Uploader& uploader,
const PermanentFailureHandler& permanent_failure_handler)
: repository_path_(repository_path),
permanent_failure_handler_(permanent_failure_handler) {
ReportRepository::~ReportRepository() {
void ReportRepository::StoreReport(
const base::FilePath& minidump_path,
const std::map<base::string16, base::string16>& crash_keys) {
ScopedReportFile minidump_file(minidump_path);
base::FilePath destination_directory(
bool result = base::CreateDirectory(destination_directory);
LOG_IF(ERROR, !result) << "Failed to create destination directory "
<< destination_directory.value();
if (result) {
// Choose the location and extension where the minidump will be stored.
base::FilePath minidump_target_path = destination_directory.Append(
base::FilePath crash_keys_path =
if (WriteCrashKeysToFile(crash_keys_path, crash_keys)) {
ScopedReportFile crash_keys_file(crash_keys_path);
if (minidump_file.Move(minidump_target_path)) {
base::Time now = time_source_.Run();
if (minidump_file.UpdateTimestamp(now)) {
if (crash_keys_file.UpdateTimestamp(now)) {
// Prevent the files from being deleted.
bool ReportRepository::UploadPendingReport() {
base::Time now = time_source_.Run();
// Do a bit of opportunistic cleanup.
CleanOrphanedCrashKeysFiles(repository_path_, now);
std::pair<base::FilePath, base::FilePath> entry =
GetPendingReport(repository_path_, now, retry_interval_);
ScopedReportFile minidump_file(entry.first);
base::FilePath failure_destination = entry.second;
if (minidump_file.Get().empty())
return true; // Successful no-op.
ScopedReportFile crash_keys_file(
// Renew the file timestamps before attempting upload. If we are unable to do
// this, make no upload attempt (since that would potentially lead to a hot
// loop of upload attempts).
if (minidump_file.UpdateTimestamp(now)) {
if (crash_keys_file.UpdateTimestamp(now)) {
// Attempt the upload.
std::map<base::string16, base::string16> crash_keys;
if (ReadCrashKeysFromFile(crash_keys_file.Get(), &crash_keys)) {
if (uploader_.Run(minidump_file.Get(), crash_keys))
return true;
// We failed.
if (!failure_destination.empty()) {
HandleNonpermanentFailure(&minidump_file, &crash_keys_file,
} else {
HandlePermanentFailure(minidump_file.Take(), crash_keys_file.Take(),
return false;
bool ReportRepository::HasPendingReports() {
return !GetPendingReport(repository_path_, time_source_.Run(),
} // namespace kasko