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2008-08-11: Version 0.1.5 (130240)
Made the prototype property of functions enumerable.
2008-07-28: Version 0.1.4 (128918)
Added support for storing JavaScript stack traces in a stack
allocated buffer to make it visible in shallow core dumps.
Controlled by the --preallocate-message-memory flag which is
disabled by default.
2008-07-25: Version 0.1.3 (128832)
Fixed bug in JSObject::GetPropertyAttributePostInterceptor where
map transitions would count as properties.
Allowed aliased eval invocations by treating them as evals in the
global context. This may change in the future.
Added support for accessing the last entered context through the
API and renamed Context::Current to Context::GetCurrent and
Context::GetSecurityContext to Context::GetCurrentSecurityContext.
Fixed bug in the debugger that would cause the debugger scripts to
be recursively loaded and changed all disabling of interrupts to
be block-structured.
Made snapshot data read-only to allow it to be more easily shared
across multiple users of V8 when linked as a shared library.
2008-07-16: Version 0.1.2 (127441)
Fixed building on Mac OS X by recognizing i386 and friends as
IA-32 platforms.
Added propagation of stack overflow exceptions that occur while
compiling nested functions.
Improved debugger with support for recursive break points and
handling of exceptions that occur in the debugger JavaScript code.
Renamed GetInternal to GetInternalField and SetInternal to
SetInternalField in the API and moved InternalFieldCount and
SetInternalFieldCount from FunctionTemplate to ObjectTemplate.
2008-07-09: Version 0.1.1 (126448)
Fixed bug in stack overflow check code for IA-32 targets where a
non-tagged value in register eax was pushed to the stack.
Fixed potential quadratic behavior when converting strings to
Fixed bug where the return value from Object::SetProperty could
end up being the property holder instead of the written value.
Improved debugger support by allowing nested break points and by
dealing with stack-overflows when compiling functions before
setting break points in them.
2008-07-03: Version 0.1.0 (125876)
Initial export.