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# This file is used by the GN meta build system to find the root of the source
# tree and to set startup options. For documentation on the values set in this
# file, run "gn help dotfile" at the command line.
# The location of the build configuration file.
buildconfig = "//build/config/"
# The python interpreter to use by default. On Windows, this will look
# for python3.exe and python3.bat.
script_executable = "python3"
# These are the targets to check headers for by default. The files in targets
# matching these patterns (see "gn help label_pattern" for format) will have
# their includes checked for proper dependencies when you run either
# "gn check" or "gn gen --check".
no_check_targets = [
"//test/cctest:cctest_sources", # 15 errors
"//test/unittests:inspector_unittests_sources", # 2 errors
default_args = {
# Overwrite default args declared in the Fuchsia sdk
# Please maintain this in sync with Chromium version in src/.gn
fuchsia_target_api_level = 9
# Disable rust dependencies.
enable_rust = false
# These are the list of GN files that run exec_script. This whitelist exists
# to force additional review for new uses of exec_script, which is strongly
# discouraged except for gypi_to_gn calls.
exec_script_whitelist = build_dotfile_settings.exec_script_whitelist +
[ "//build_overrides/build.gni" ]