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def _v8_disable_pointer_compression(settings, attr):
return {
"//:v8_enable_pointer_compression": "False",
v8_disable_pointer_compression = transition(
implementation = _v8_disable_pointer_compression,
inputs = [],
outputs = ["//:v8_enable_pointer_compression"],
# The implementation of transition_rule: all this does is copy the
# cc_binary's output to its own output and propagate its runfiles
# and executable to use for "$ bazel run".
# This makes transition_rule as close to a pure wrapper of cc_binary
# as possible.
def _v8_binary_non_pointer_compression(ctx):
binary = ctx.attr.binary[0]
outfile = ctx.actions.declare_file(
cc_binary_outfile = binary[DefaultInfo].files.to_list()[0]
inputs = [cc_binary_outfile],
outputs = [outfile],
command = "cp %s %s" % (cc_binary_outfile.path, outfile.path),
return [
executable = outfile,
data_runfiles = binary[DefaultInfo].data_runfiles,
# The purpose of this rule is to transition to a config where v8_target_cpu is
# set to the appropriate architecture, which will remain in place through exec
# transitions, so mksnapshot can for instance build on x64 but for arm64.
v8_binary_non_pointer_compression = rule(
implementation = _v8_binary_non_pointer_compression,
attrs = {
# This is the cc_binary whose deps will select() on that feature.
# Note specificaly how it's configured with v8_target_cpu_transition, which
# ensures that setting propagates down the graph.
"binary": attr.label(cfg = v8_disable_pointer_compression),
# This is a stock Bazel requirement for any rule that uses Starlark
# transitions. It's okay to copy the below verbatim for all such rules.
# The purpose of this requirement is to give the ability to restrict
# which packages can invoke these rules, since Starlark transitions
# make much larger graphs possible that can have memory and performance
# consequences for your build. The whitelist defaults to "everything".
# But you can redefine it more strictly if you feel that's prudent.
"_allowlist_function_transition": attr.label(
default = "@bazel_tools//tools/allowlists/function_transition_allowlist",
# Making this executable means it works with "$ bazel run".
executable = True,