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// Copyright 2012 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef V8_ALLOCATION_H_
#define V8_ALLOCATION_H_
#include "src/base/compiler-specific.h"
#include "src/globals.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
// Called when allocation routines fail to allocate.
// This function should not return, but should terminate the current
// processing.
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE void FatalProcessOutOfMemory(const char* message);
// Superclass for classes managed with new & delete.
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE Malloced {
void* operator new(size_t size) { return New(size); }
void operator delete(void* p) { Delete(p); }
static void* New(size_t size);
static void Delete(void* p);
// A macro is used for defining the base class used for embedded instances.
// The reason is some compilers allocate a minimum of one word for the
// superclass. The macro prevents the use of new & delete in debug mode.
// In release mode we are not willing to pay this overhead.
#ifdef DEBUG
// Superclass for classes with instances allocated inside stack
// activations or inside other objects.
class Embedded {
void* operator new(size_t size);
void operator delete(void* p);
#define BASE_EMBEDDED : public NON_EXPORTED_BASE(Embedded)
// Superclass for classes only using static method functions.
// The subclass of AllStatic cannot be instantiated at all.
class AllStatic {
#ifdef DEBUG
AllStatic() = delete;
template <typename T>
T* NewArray(size_t size) {
T* result = new T[size];
if (result == NULL) FatalProcessOutOfMemory("NewArray");
return result;
template <typename T>
void DeleteArray(T* array) {
delete[] array;
// The normal strdup functions use malloc. These versions of StrDup
// and StrNDup uses new and calls the FatalProcessOutOfMemory handler
// if allocation fails.
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE char* StrDup(const char* str);
char* StrNDup(const char* str, int n);
// Allocation policy for allocating in the C free store using malloc
// and free. Used as the default policy for lists.
class FreeStoreAllocationPolicy {
INLINE(void* New(size_t size)) { return Malloced::New(size); }
INLINE(static void Delete(void* p)) { Malloced::Delete(p); }
void* AlignedAlloc(size_t size, size_t alignment);
void AlignedFree(void *ptr);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#endif // V8_ALLOCATION_H_