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// Copyright 2016 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/interpreter/bytecode-pipeline.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace interpreter {
// An optimization stage for eliminating unnecessary transfers between
// registers. The bytecode generator uses temporary registers
// liberally for correctness and convenience and this stage removes
// transfers that are not required and preserves correctness.
class BytecodeRegisterOptimizer final : public BytecodePipelineStage,
public TemporaryRegisterObserver,
public ZoneObject {
BytecodeRegisterOptimizer(Zone* zone,
TemporaryRegisterAllocator* register_allocator,
int parameter_count,
BytecodePipelineStage* next_stage);
virtual ~BytecodeRegisterOptimizer() {}
// BytecodePipelineStage interface.
void Write(BytecodeNode* node) override;
void WriteJump(BytecodeNode* node, BytecodeLabel* label) override;
void BindLabel(BytecodeLabel* label) override;
void BindLabel(const BytecodeLabel& target, BytecodeLabel* label) override;
Handle<BytecodeArray> ToBytecodeArray(
int fixed_register_count, int parameter_count,
Handle<FixedArray> handler_table) override;
static const uint32_t kInvalidEquivalenceId = kMaxUInt32;
class RegisterInfo;
// TemporaryRegisterObserver interface.
void TemporaryRegisterFreeEvent(Register reg) override;
// Helpers for BytecodePipelineStage interface.
void FlushState();
void WriteToNextStage(BytecodeNode* node) const;
void WriteToNextStage(BytecodeNode* node,
const BytecodeSourceInfo& output_info) const;
// Update internal state for register transfer from |input| to
// |output| using |source_info| as source position information if
// any bytecodes are emitted due to transfer.
void RegisterTransfer(RegisterInfo* input, RegisterInfo* output,
const BytecodeSourceInfo& source_info);
// Emit a register transfer bytecode from |input| to |output|.
void OutputRegisterTransfer(
RegisterInfo* input, RegisterInfo* output,
const BytecodeSourceInfo& source_info = BytecodeSourceInfo());
// Emits a Nop to preserve source position information in the
// bytecode pipeline.
void EmitNopForSourceInfo(const BytecodeSourceInfo& source_info) const;
// Handlers for bytecode nodes for register to register transfers.
void DoLdar(const BytecodeNode* const node);
void DoMov(const BytecodeNode* const node);
void DoStar(const BytecodeNode* const node);
// Operand processing methods for bytecodes other than those
// performing register to register transfers.
void PrepareOperands(BytecodeNode* const node);
void PrepareAccumulator(BytecodeNode* const node);
void PrepareRegisterOperands(BytecodeNode* const node);
void PrepareRegisterOutputOperand(RegisterInfo* reg_info);
void PrepareRegisterRangeOutputOperand(Register start, int count);
void PrepareRegisterInputOperand(BytecodeNode* const node, Register reg,
int operand_index);
void PrepareRegisterRangeInputOperand(Register start, int count);
Register GetEquivalentRegisterForInputOperand(Register reg);
static Register GetRegisterInputOperand(int index, Bytecode bytecode,
const uint32_t* operands,
int operand_count);
static Register GetRegisterOutputOperand(int index, Bytecode bytecode,
const uint32_t* operands,
int operand_count);
void CreateMaterializedEquivalent(RegisterInfo* info);
RegisterInfo* GetMaterializedEquivalent(RegisterInfo* info);
RegisterInfo* GetMaterializedEquivalentNotAccumulator(RegisterInfo* info);
void Materialize(RegisterInfo* info);
void AddToEquivalenceSet(RegisterInfo* set_member,
RegisterInfo* non_set_member);
// Methods for finding and creating metadata for each register.
RegisterInfo* GetOrCreateRegisterInfo(Register reg);
RegisterInfo* GetRegisterInfo(Register reg);
RegisterInfo* NewRegisterInfo(Register reg);
void GrowRegisterMap(Register reg);
bool RegisterIsTemporary(Register reg) const {
return reg >= temporary_base_;
bool RegisterIsObservable(Register reg) const {
return reg != accumulator_ && !RegisterIsTemporary(reg);
static Register OperandToRegister(uint32_t operand) {
return Register::FromOperand(static_cast<int32_t>(operand));
size_t GetRegisterInfoTableIndex(Register reg) const {
return static_cast<size_t>(reg.index() + register_info_table_offset_);
Register RegisterFromRegisterInfoTableIndex(size_t index) const {
return Register(static_cast<int>(index) - register_info_table_offset_);
uint32_t NextEquivalenceId() {
CHECK_NE(equivalence_id_, kInvalidEquivalenceId);
return equivalence_id_;
Zone* zone() { return zone_; }
const Register accumulator_;
RegisterInfo* accumulator_info_;
const Register temporary_base_;
// Direct mapping to register info.
ZoneVector<RegisterInfo*> register_info_table_;
int register_info_table_offset_;
// Counter for equivalence sets identifiers.
int equivalence_id_;
BytecodePipelineStage* next_stage_;
bool flush_required_;
Zone* zone_;
} // namespace interpreter
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8