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// Copyright 2014 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
// TODO(svenpanne) introduce an AbortReason and partition this list
V(kNoReason, "no reason") \
V(k32BitValueInRegisterIsNotZeroExtended, \
"32 bit value in register is not zero-extended") \
V(kAllocatingNonEmptyPackedArray, "Allocating non-empty packed array") \
V(kAllocationIsNotDoubleAligned, "Allocation is not double aligned") \
V(kAPICallReturnedInvalidObject, "API call returned invalid object") \
V(kArgumentsObjectValueInATestContext, \
"Arguments object value in a test context") \
V(kArrayIndexConstantValueTooBig, "Array index constant value too big") \
V(kAssignmentToLetVariableBeforeInitialization, \
"Assignment to let variable before initialization") \
V(kAssignmentToLOOKUPVariable, "Assignment to LOOKUP variable") \
V(kAssignmentToParameterFunctionUsesArgumentsObject, \
"Assignment to parameter, function uses arguments object") \
V(kAssignmentToParameterInArgumentsObject, \
"Assignment to parameter in arguments object") \
V(kBadValueContextForArgumentsObjectValue, \
"Bad value context for arguments object value") \
V(kBadValueContextForArgumentsValue, \
"Bad value context for arguments value") \
V(kBailedOutDueToDependencyChange, "Bailed out due to dependency change") \
V(kBailoutWasNotPrepared, "Bailout was not prepared") \
V(kBothRegistersWereSmisInSelectNonSmi, \
"Both registers were smis in SelectNonSmi") \
V(kClassConstructorFunction, "Class constructor function") \
V(kClassLiteral, "Class literal") \
V(kCodeGenerationFailed, "Code generation failed") \
V(kCodeObjectNotProperlyPatched, "Code object not properly patched") \
V(kCompoundAssignmentToLookupSlot, "Compound assignment to lookup slot") \
V(kComputedPropertyName, "Computed property name") \
V(kContextAllocatedArguments, "Context-allocated arguments") \
V(kCopyBuffersOverlap, "Copy buffers overlap") \
V(kCouldNotGenerateZero, "Could not generate +0.0") \
V(kCouldNotGenerateNegativeZero, "Could not generate -0.0") \
V(kDebuggerStatement, "DebuggerStatement") \
V(kDeclarationInCatchContext, "Declaration in catch context") \
V(kDeclarationInWithContext, "Declaration in with context") \
V(kDefaultNaNModeNotSet, "Default NaN mode not set") \
V(kDeleteWithGlobalVariable, "Delete with global variable") \
V(kDeleteWithNonGlobalVariable, "Delete with non-global variable") \
V(kDestinationOfCopyNotAligned, "Destination of copy not aligned") \
V(kDontDeleteCellsCannotContainTheHole, \
"DontDelete cells can't contain the hole") \
V(kDoExpressionUnmodelable, \
"Encountered a do-expression with unmodelable control statements") \
V(kDoPushArgumentNotImplementedForDoubleType, \
"DoPushArgument not implemented for double type") \
V(kEliminatedBoundsCheckFailed, "Eliminated bounds check failed") \
V(kEmitLoadRegisterUnsupportedDoubleImmediate, \
"EmitLoadRegister: Unsupported double immediate") \
V(kEval, "eval") \
V(kExpectedAllocationSite, "Expected allocation site") \
V(kExpectedBooleanValue, "Expected boolean value") \
V(kExpectedFixedDoubleArrayMap, \
"Expected a fixed double array map in fast shallow clone array literal") \
V(kExpectedFunctionObject, "Expected function object in register") \
V(kExpectedHeapNumber, "Expected HeapNumber") \
V(kExpectedJSReceiver, "Expected object to have receiver type") \
V(kExpectedNativeContext, "Expected native context") \
V(kExpectedNonIdenticalObjects, "Expected non-identical objects") \
V(kExpectedNonNullContext, "Expected non-null context") \
V(kExpectedPositiveZero, "Expected +0.0") \
V(kExpectedNewSpaceObject, "Expected new space object") \
V(kExpectedUndefinedOrCell, "Expected undefined or cell in register") \
V(kExternalStringExpectedButNotFound, \
"External string expected, but not found") \
V(kForInStatementWithNonLocalEachVariable, \
"ForInStatement with non-local each variable") \
V(kForOfStatement, "ForOfStatement") \
V(kFunctionBeingDebugged, "Function is being debugged") \
V(kFunctionCallsEval, "Function calls eval") \
V(kFunctionDataShouldBeBytecodeArrayOnInterpreterEntry, \
"The function_data field should be a BytecodeArray on interpreter entry") \
V(kGeneratedCodeIsTooLarge, "Generated code is too large") \
V(kGenerator, "Generator") \
V(kGlobalFunctionsMustHaveInitialMap, \
"Global functions must have initial map") \
V(kGraphBuildingFailed, "Optimized graph construction failed") \
V(kHeapNumberMapRegisterClobbered, "HeapNumberMap register clobbered") \
V(kHydrogenFilter, "Optimization disabled by filter") \
V(kIndexIsNegative, "Index is negative") \
V(kIndexIsTooLarge, "Index is too large") \
V(kInliningBailedOut, "Inlining bailed out") \
V(kInputGPRIsExpectedToHaveUpper32Cleared, \
"Input GPR is expected to have upper32 cleared") \
V(kInputStringTooLong, "Input string too long") \
V(kInteger32ToSmiFieldWritingToNonSmiLocation, \
"Integer32ToSmiField writing to non-smi location") \
V(kInvalidBytecode, "Invalid bytecode") \
V(kInvalidElementsKindForInternalArrayOrInternalPackedArray, \
"Invalid ElementsKind for InternalArray or InternalPackedArray") \
V(kInvalidFrameForFastNewRestArgumentsStub, \
"Invalid frame for FastNewRestArgumentsStub") \
V(kInvalidFrameForFastNewSloppyArgumentsStub, \
"Invalid frame for FastNewSloppyArgumentsStub") \
V(kInvalidFrameForFastNewStrictArgumentsStub, \
"Invalid frame for FastNewStrictArgumentsStub") \
V(kInvalidFullCodegenState, "invalid full-codegen state") \
V(kInvalidHandleScopeLevel, "Invalid HandleScope level") \
V(kInvalidJumpTableIndex, "Invalid jump table index") \
V(kInvalidLeftHandSideInAssignment, "Invalid left-hand side in assignment") \
V(kInvalidLhsInCompoundAssignment, "Invalid lhs in compound assignment") \
V(kInvalidLhsInCountOperation, "Invalid lhs in count operation") \
V(kInvalidMinLength, "Invalid min_length") \
V(kInvalidRegisterFileInGenerator, "invalid register file in generator") \
V(kJSGlobalObjectNativeContextShouldBeANativeContext, \
"JSGlobalObject::native_context should be a native context") \
V(kJSGlobalProxyContextShouldNotBeNull, \
"JSGlobalProxy::context() should not be null") \
V(kJSObjectWithFastElementsMapHasSlowElements, \
"JSObject with fast elements map has slow elements") \
V(kLetBindingReInitialization, "Let binding re-initialization") \
V(kLiveEdit, "LiveEdit") \
V(kLookupVariableInCountOperation, "Lookup variable in count operation") \
V(kMapBecameDeprecated, "Map became deprecated") \
V(kMapBecameUnstable, "Map became unstable") \
V(kNativeFunctionLiteral, "Native function literal") \
V(kNeedSmiLiteral, "Need a Smi literal here") \
V(kNoCasesLeft, "No cases left") \
V(kNonInitializerAssignmentToConst, "Non-initializer assignment to const") \
V(kNonSmiIndex, "Non-smi index") \
V(kNonSmiKeyInArrayLiteral, "Non-smi key in array literal") \
V(kNonSmiValue, "Non-smi value") \
V(kNonObject, "Non-object value") \
V(kNotEnoughVirtualRegistersForValues, \
"Not enough virtual registers for values") \
V(kNotEnoughSpillSlotsForOsr, "Not enough spill slots for OSR") \
V(kNotEnoughVirtualRegistersRegalloc, \
"Not enough virtual registers (regalloc)") \
V(kObjectFoundInSmiOnlyArray, "Object found in smi-only array") \
V(kObjectLiteralWithComplexProperty, "Object literal with complex property") \
V(kOffsetOutOfRange, "Offset out of range") \
V(kOperandIsANumber, "Operand is a number") \
V(kOperandIsASmiAndNotABoundFunction, \
"Operand is a smi and not a bound function") \
V(kOperandIsASmiAndNotAFunction, "Operand is a smi and not a function") \
V(kOperandIsASmiAndNotAGeneratorObject, \
"Operand is a smi and not a generator object") \
V(kOperandIsASmiAndNotAName, "Operand is a smi and not a name") \
V(kOperandIsASmiAndNotAReceiver, "Operand is a smi and not a receiver") \
V(kOperandIsASmiAndNotAString, "Operand is a smi and not a string") \
V(kOperandIsASmi, "Operand is a smi") \
V(kOperandIsNotABoundFunction, "Operand is not a bound function") \
V(kOperandIsNotAFunction, "Operand is not a function") \
V(kOperandIsNotAGeneratorObject, "Operand is not a generator object") \
V(kOperandIsNotAName, "Operand is not a name") \
V(kOperandIsNotANumber, "Operand is not a number") \
V(kOperandIsNotAReceiver, "Operand is not a receiver") \
V(kOperandIsNotASmi, "Operand is not a smi") \
V(kOperandIsNotAString, "Operand is not a string") \
V(kOperandIsNotSmi, "Operand is not smi") \
V(kOperandNotANumber, "Operand not a number") \
V(kObjectTagged, "The object is tagged") \
V(kObjectNotTagged, "The object is not tagged") \
V(kOptimizationDisabled, "Optimization disabled") \
V(kOptimizationDisabledForTest, "Optimization disabled for test") \
V(kOptimizedTooManyTimes, "Optimized too many times") \
V(kOutOfVirtualRegistersWhileTryingToAllocateTempRegister, \
"Out of virtual registers while trying to allocate temp register") \
V(kParseScopeError, "Parse/scope error") \
V(kPossibleDirectCallToEval, "Possible direct call to eval") \
V(kReceivedInvalidReturnAddress, "Received invalid return address") \
V(kReferenceToAVariableWhichRequiresDynamicLookup, \
"Reference to a variable which requires dynamic lookup") \
V(kReferenceToGlobalLexicalVariable, "Reference to global lexical variable") \
V(kReferenceToUninitializedVariable, "Reference to uninitialized variable") \
V(kRegisterDidNotMatchExpectedRoot, "Register did not match expected root") \
V(kRegisterWasClobbered, "Register was clobbered") \
V(kRememberedSetPointerInNewSpace, "Remembered set pointer is in new space") \
V(kRestParameter, "Rest parameters") \
V(kReturnAddressNotFoundInFrame, "Return address not found in frame") \
V(kSloppyFunctionExpectsJSReceiverReceiver, \
"Sloppy function expects JSReceiver as receiver.") \
V(kSmiAdditionOverflow, "Smi addition overflow") \
V(kSmiSubtractionOverflow, "Smi subtraction overflow") \
V(kStackAccessBelowStackPointer, "Stack access below stack pointer") \
V(kStackFrameTypesMustMatch, "Stack frame types must match") \
V(kSuperReference, "Super reference") \
V(kTailCall, "Tail call") \
V(kTheCurrentStackPointerIsBelowCsp, \
"The current stack pointer is below csp") \
V(kTheStackWasCorruptedByMacroAssemblerCall, \
"The stack was corrupted by MacroAssembler::Call()") \
V(kTooManyParametersLocals, "Too many parameters/locals") \
V(kTooManyParameters, "Too many parameters") \
V(kTooManySpillSlotsNeededForOSR, "Too many spill slots needed for OSR") \
V(kToOperand32UnsupportedImmediate, "ToOperand32 unsupported immediate.") \
V(kToOperandIsDoubleRegisterUnimplemented, \
"ToOperand IsDoubleRegister unimplemented") \
V(kToOperandUnsupportedDoubleImmediate, \
"ToOperand Unsupported double immediate") \
V(kTryCatchStatement, "TryCatchStatement") \
V(kTryFinallyStatement, "TryFinallyStatement") \
V(kUnalignedAllocationInNewSpace, "Unaligned allocation in new space") \
V(kUnalignedCellInWriteBarrier, "Unaligned cell in write barrier") \
V(kUnexpectedAllocationTop, "Unexpected allocation top") \
V(kUnexpectedColorFound, "Unexpected color bit pattern found") \
V(kUnexpectedElementsKindInArrayConstructor, \
"Unexpected ElementsKind in array constructor") \
V(kUnexpectedFallthroughFromCharCodeAtSlowCase, \
"Unexpected fallthrough from CharCodeAt slow case") \
V(kUnexpectedFallthroughFromCharFromCodeSlowCase, \
"Unexpected fallthrough from CharFromCode slow case") \
V(kUnexpectedFallThroughFromStringComparison, \
"Unexpected fall-through from string comparison") \
V(kUnexpectedFallthroughToCharCodeAtSlowCase, \
"Unexpected fallthrough to CharCodeAt slow case") \
V(kUnexpectedFallthroughToCharFromCodeSlowCase, \
"Unexpected fallthrough to CharFromCode slow case") \
V(kUnexpectedFPUStackDepthAfterInstruction, \
"Unexpected FPU stack depth after instruction") \
V(kUnexpectedInitialMapForArrayFunction1, \
"Unexpected initial map for Array function (1)") \
V(kUnexpectedInitialMapForArrayFunction2, \
"Unexpected initial map for Array function (2)") \
V(kUnexpectedInitialMapForArrayFunction, \
"Unexpected initial map for Array function") \
V(kUnexpectedInitialMapForInternalArrayFunction, \
"Unexpected initial map for InternalArray function") \
V(kUnexpectedLevelAfterReturnFromApiCall, \
"Unexpected level after return from api call") \
V(kUnexpectedNegativeValue, "Unexpected negative value") \
V(kUnexpectedFunctionIDForInvokeIntrinsic, \
"Unexpected runtime function id for the InvokeIntrinsic bytecode") \
V(kUnexpectedFPCRMode, "Unexpected FPCR mode.") \
V(kUnexpectedSmi, "Unexpected smi value") \
V(kUnexpectedStackDepth, "Unexpected operand stack depth in full-codegen") \
V(kUnexpectedStackPointer, "The stack pointer is not the expected value") \
V(kUnexpectedStringType, "Unexpected string type") \
V(kUnexpectedTypeForRegExpDataFixedArrayExpected, \
"Unexpected type for RegExp data, FixedArray expected") \
V(kUnexpectedValue, "Unexpected value") \
V(kUnsupportedDoubleImmediate, "Unsupported double immediate") \
V(kUnsupportedLetCompoundAssignment, "Unsupported let compound assignment") \
V(kUnsupportedLookupSlotInDeclaration, \
"Unsupported lookup slot in declaration") \
V(kUnsupportedNonPrimitiveCompare, "Unsupported non-primitive compare") \
V(kUnsupportedPhiUseOfArguments, "Unsupported phi use of arguments") \
V(kUnsupportedPhiUseOfConstVariable, \
"Unsupported phi use of const or let variable") \
V(kUnexpectedReturnFromThrow, "Unexpectedly returned from a throw") \
V(kUnsupportedSwitchStatement, "Unsupported switch statement") \
V(kUnsupportedTaggedImmediate, "Unsupported tagged immediate") \
V(kUnstableConstantTypeHeapObject, "Unstable constant-type heap object") \
V(kVariableResolvedToWithContext, "Variable resolved to with context") \
V(kWeShouldNotHaveAnEmptyLexicalContext, \
"We should not have an empty lexical context") \
V(kWithStatement, "WithStatement") \
V(kWrongFunctionContext, "Wrong context passed to function") \
V(kWrongAddressOrValuePassedToRecordWrite, \
"Wrong address or value passed to RecordWrite") \
V(kWrongArgumentCountForInvokeIntrinsic, \
"Wrong number of arguments for intrinsic") \
V(kShouldNotDirectlyEnterOsrFunction, \
"Should not directly enter OSR-compiled function")
enum BailoutReason {
const char* GetBailoutReason(BailoutReason reason);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#endif // V8_BAILOUT_REASON_H_