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// Copyright 2017 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef V8_HEAP_SWEEPER_H_
#define V8_HEAP_SWEEPER_H_
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "src/base/platform/semaphore.h"
#include "src/common/globals.h"
#include "src/tasks/cancelable-task.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class InvalidatedSlotsCleanup;
class MajorNonAtomicMarkingState;
class Page;
class PagedSpace;
class Space;
enum FreeSpaceTreatmentMode { IGNORE_FREE_SPACE, ZAP_FREE_SPACE };
class Sweeper {
using IterabilityList = std::vector<Page*>;
using SweepingList = std::vector<Page*>;
using SweptList = std::vector<Page*>;
using FreeRangesMap = std::map<uint32_t, uint32_t>;
// Pauses the sweeper tasks or completes sweeping.
class PauseOrCompleteScope final {
explicit PauseOrCompleteScope(Sweeper* sweeper);
Sweeper* const sweeper_;
// Temporary filters old space sweeping lists. Requires the concurrent
// sweeper to be paused. Allows for pages to be added to the sweeper while
// in this scope. Note that the original list of sweeping pages is restored
// after exiting this scope.
class FilterSweepingPagesScope final {
Sweeper* sweeper, const PauseOrCompleteScope& pause_or_complete_scope);
template <typename Callback>
void FilterOldSpaceSweepingPages(Callback callback) {
if (!sweeping_in_progress_) return;
SweepingList* sweeper_list =
// Iteration here is from most free space to least free space.
for (auto it = old_space_sweeping_list_.begin();
it != old_space_sweeping_list_.end(); it++) {
if (callback(*it)) {
Sweeper* const sweeper_;
SweepingList old_space_sweeping_list_;
const PauseOrCompleteScope& pause_or_complete_scope_;
bool sweeping_in_progress_;
enum FreeListRebuildingMode { REBUILD_FREE_LIST, IGNORE_FREE_LIST };
enum class FreeSpaceMayContainInvalidatedSlots { kYes, kNo };
Sweeper(Heap* heap, MajorNonAtomicMarkingState* marking_state);
bool sweeping_in_progress() const { return sweeping_in_progress_; }
void AddPage(AllocationSpace space, Page* page, AddPageMode mode);
int ParallelSweepSpace(
AllocationSpace identity, int required_freed_bytes, int max_pages = 0,
FreeSpaceMayContainInvalidatedSlots invalidated_slots_in_free_space =
int ParallelSweepPage(
Page* page, AllocationSpace identity,
FreeSpaceMayContainInvalidatedSlots invalidated_slots_in_free_space =
void ScheduleIncrementalSweepingTask();
int RawSweep(
Page* p, FreeListRebuildingMode free_list_mode,
FreeSpaceTreatmentMode free_space_mode,
FreeSpaceMayContainInvalidatedSlots invalidated_slots_in_free_space,
const base::MutexGuard& page_guard);
// After calling this function sweeping is considered to be in progress
// and the main thread can sweep lazily, but the background sweeper tasks
// are not running yet.
void StartSweeping();
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE void StartSweeperTasks();
void EnsureCompleted();
void DrainSweepingWorklists();
void DrainSweepingWorklistForSpace(AllocationSpace space);
bool AreSweeperTasksRunning();
// Support concurrent sweepers from main thread
void SupportConcurrentSweeping();
Page* GetSweptPageSafe(PagedSpace* space);
void AddPageForIterability(Page* page);
void StartIterabilityTasks();
void EnsureIterabilityCompleted();
void MergeOldToNewRememberedSetsForSweptPages();
class IncrementalSweeperTask;
class IterabilityTask;
class SweeperTask;
static const int kNumberOfSweepingSpaces =
static const int kMaxSweeperTasks = 3;
template <typename Callback>
void ForAllSweepingSpaces(Callback callback) const {
// Helper function for RawSweep. Depending on the FreeListRebuildingMode and
// FreeSpaceTreatmentMode this function may add the free memory to a free
// list, make the memory iterable, clear it, and return the free memory to
// the operating system.
size_t FreeAndProcessFreedMemory(Address free_start, Address free_end,
Page* page, Space* space,
bool non_empty_typed_slots,
FreeListRebuildingMode free_list_mode,
FreeSpaceTreatmentMode free_space_mode);
// Helper function for RawSweep. Handle remembered set entries in the freed
// memory which require clearing.
void CleanupRememberedSetEntriesForFreedMemory(
Address free_start, Address free_end, Page* page,
bool non_empty_typed_slots, FreeRangesMap* free_ranges_map,
InvalidatedSlotsCleanup* old_to_new_cleanup);
// Helper function for RawSweep. Clears invalid typed slots in the given free
// ranges.
void CleanupInvalidTypedSlotsOfFreeRanges(
Page* page, const FreeRangesMap& free_ranges_map);
// Helper function for RawSweep. Clears the mark bits and ensures consistency
// of live bytes.
void ClearMarkBitsAndHandleLivenessStatistics(
Page* page, size_t live_bytes, FreeListRebuildingMode free_list_mode);
// Can only be called on the main thread when no tasks are running.
bool IsDoneSweeping() const {
bool is_done = true;
ForAllSweepingSpaces([this, &is_done](AllocationSpace space) {
if (!sweeping_list_[GetSweepSpaceIndex(space)].empty()) is_done = false;
return is_done;
void SweepSpaceFromTask(AllocationSpace identity);
// Sweeps incrementally one page from the given space. Returns true if
// there are no more pages to sweep in the given space.
bool SweepSpaceIncrementallyFromTask(AllocationSpace identity);
void AbortAndWaitForTasks();
Page* GetSweepingPageSafe(AllocationSpace space);
void PrepareToBeSweptPage(AllocationSpace space, Page* page);
void MakeIterable(Page* page);
bool IsValidIterabilitySpace(AllocationSpace space) {
return space == NEW_SPACE || space == RO_SPACE;
static bool IsValidSweepingSpace(AllocationSpace space) {
static int GetSweepSpaceIndex(AllocationSpace space) {
Heap* const heap_;
MajorNonAtomicMarkingState* marking_state_;
int num_tasks_;
CancelableTaskManager::Id task_ids_[kNumberOfSweepingSpaces];
base::Semaphore pending_sweeper_tasks_semaphore_;
base::Mutex mutex_;
SweptList swept_list_[kNumberOfSweepingSpaces];
SweepingList sweeping_list_[kNumberOfSweepingSpaces];
bool incremental_sweeper_pending_;
// Main thread can finalize sweeping, while background threads allocation slow
// path checks this flag to see whether it could support concurrent sweeping.
std::atomic<bool> sweeping_in_progress_;
// Counter is actively maintained by the concurrent tasks to avoid querying
// the semaphore for maintaining a task counter on the main thread.
std::atomic<intptr_t> num_sweeping_tasks_;
// Used by PauseOrCompleteScope to signal early bailout to tasks.
std::atomic<bool> stop_sweeper_tasks_;
// Pages that are only made iterable but have their free lists ignored.
IterabilityList iterability_list_;
CancelableTaskManager::Id iterability_task_id_;
base::Semaphore iterability_task_semaphore_;
bool iterability_in_progress_;
bool iterability_task_started_;
bool should_reduce_memory_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#endif // V8_HEAP_SWEEPER_H_