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This directory contains code for running Promise/A+ Compliance Test Suite[1].
You can download the it from [1], or by specifying --download to
Promise/A+ Compliance Test Suite requires Node environment and needs some
libraries. To run it in d8 shell, we provides some emulation functions in the
lib/ directory.
- lib/adapter.js
- An adapter for harmony Promise used in Promise/A+ tests.
- lib/assert.js
- Emulates assert modules in Node.
- lib/global.js
- Provides global functions and variables.
- lib/mocha.js
- Emulates Mocha[2] test framework.
- lib/require.j
- Emulate require function in Node.
- lib/run-tests.js
- Run all describe tests.
The emulation is not complete. Upgrading Promise/A+ tests will require
changing lib/ scripts.
Sinon.JS[3], required by Promise/A+ tests, is also downloaded by