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// Copyright 2012 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/base/platform/mutex.h"
#include "src/heap/heap.h"
#include "src/heap/incremental-marking-job.h"
#include "src/heap/mark-compact.h"
#include "src/tasks/cancelable-task.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class HeapObject;
class MarkBit;
class Map;
class Object;
class PagedSpace;
enum class StepOrigin { kV8, kTask };
enum class StepResult {
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE IncrementalMarking final {
enum State : uint8_t { STOPPED, SWEEPING, MARKING, COMPLETE };
enum CompletionAction { GC_VIA_STACK_GUARD, NO_GC_VIA_STACK_GUARD };
using MarkingState = MarkCompactCollector::MarkingState;
using AtomicMarkingState = MarkCompactCollector::AtomicMarkingState;
using NonAtomicMarkingState = MarkCompactCollector::NonAtomicMarkingState;
class PauseBlackAllocationScope {
explicit PauseBlackAllocationScope(IncrementalMarking* marking)
: marking_(marking), paused_(false) {
if (marking_->black_allocation()) {
paused_ = true;
~PauseBlackAllocationScope() {
if (paused_) {
IncrementalMarking* marking_;
bool paused_;
// It's hard to know how much work the incremental marker should do to make
// progress in the face of the mutator creating new work for it. We start
// of at a moderate rate of work and gradually increase the speed of the
// incremental marker until it completes.
// Do some marking every time this much memory has been allocated or that many
// heavy (color-checking) write barriers have been invoked.
static const size_t kYoungGenerationAllocatedThreshold = 64 * KB;
static const size_t kOldGenerationAllocatedThreshold = 256 * KB;
static const size_t kMinStepSizeInBytes = 64 * KB;
static constexpr double kStepSizeInMs = 1;
static constexpr double kMaxStepSizeInMs = 5;
#ifndef DEBUG
static constexpr size_t kV8ActivationThreshold = 8 * MB;
static constexpr size_t kGlobalActivationThreshold = 16 * MB;
static constexpr size_t kV8ActivationThreshold = 0;
static constexpr size_t kGlobalActivationThreshold = 0;
static const AccessMode kAtomicity = AccessMode::ATOMIC;
static const AccessMode kAtomicity = AccessMode::NON_ATOMIC;
IncrementalMarking(Heap* heap, WeakObjects* weak_objects);
MarkingState* marking_state() { return &marking_state_; }
AtomicMarkingState* atomic_marking_state() { return &atomic_marking_state_; }
NonAtomicMarkingState* non_atomic_marking_state() {
return &non_atomic_marking_state_;
void NotifyLeftTrimming(HeapObject from, HeapObject to);
V8_INLINE void TransferColor(HeapObject from, HeapObject to);
State state() const {
DCHECK(state_ == STOPPED || FLAG_incremental_marking);
return state_;
bool finalize_marking_completed() const {
return finalize_marking_completed_;
void SetWeakClosureWasOverApproximatedForTesting(bool val) {
finalize_marking_completed_ = val;
inline bool IsStopped() const { return state() == STOPPED; }
inline bool IsSweeping() const { return state() == SWEEPING; }
inline bool IsMarking() const { return state() >= MARKING; }
inline bool IsMarkingIncomplete() const { return state() == MARKING; }
inline bool IsComplete() const { return state() == COMPLETE; }
inline bool IsReadyToOverApproximateWeakClosure() const {
return request_type_ == FINALIZATION && !finalize_marking_completed_;
inline bool NeedsFinalization() {
return IsMarking() &&
(request_type_ == FINALIZATION || request_type_ == COMPLETE_MARKING);
GCRequestType request_type() const { return request_type_; }
void reset_request_type() { request_type_ = NONE; }
bool CanBeActivated();
bool WasActivated();
void Start(GarbageCollectionReason gc_reason);
void FinalizeIncrementally();
void UpdateMarkingWorklistAfterScavenge();
void UpdateWeakReferencesAfterScavenge();
void UpdateMarkedBytesAfterScavenge(size_t dead_bytes_in_new_space);
void Hurry();
void Finalize();
void Stop();
void FinalizeMarking(CompletionAction action);
void MarkingComplete(CompletionAction action);
void Epilogue();
// Performs incremental marking steps and returns before the deadline_in_ms is
// reached. It may return earlier if the marker is already ahead of the
// marking schedule, which is indicated with StepResult::kDone.
StepResult AdvanceWithDeadline(double deadline_in_ms,
CompletionAction completion_action,
StepOrigin step_origin);
void FinalizeSweeping();
bool ContinueConcurrentSweeping();
void SupportConcurrentSweeping();
StepResult Step(double max_step_size_in_ms, CompletionAction action,
StepOrigin step_origin);
bool ShouldDoEmbedderStep();
StepResult EmbedderStep(double expected_duration_ms, double* duration_ms);
V8_INLINE void RestartIfNotMarking();
// Returns true if the function succeeds in transitioning the object
// from white to grey.
V8_INLINE bool WhiteToGreyAndPush(HeapObject obj);
// This function is used to color the object black before it undergoes an
// unsafe layout change. This is a part of synchronization protocol with
// the concurrent marker.
void MarkBlackAndVisitObjectDueToLayoutChange(HeapObject obj);
void MarkBlackBackground(HeapObject obj, int object_size);
bool IsCompacting() { return IsMarking() && is_compacting_; }
void ProcessBlackAllocatedObject(HeapObject obj);
Heap* heap() const { return heap_; }
IncrementalMarkingJob* incremental_marking_job() {
return &incremental_marking_job_;
bool black_allocation() { return black_allocation_; }
void StartBlackAllocationForTesting() {
if (!black_allocation_) {
MarkingWorklists* marking_worklists() const {
return collector_->marking_worklists();
void Deactivate();
// Ensures that the given region is black allocated if it is in the old
// generation.
void EnsureBlackAllocated(Address allocated, size_t size);
bool IsBelowActivationThresholds() const;
void IncrementLiveBytesBackground(MemoryChunk* chunk, intptr_t by) {
base::MutexGuard guard(&background_live_bytes_mutex_);
background_live_bytes_[chunk] += by;
class Observer : public AllocationObserver {
Observer(IncrementalMarking* incremental_marking, intptr_t step_size)
: AllocationObserver(step_size),
incremental_marking_(incremental_marking) {}
void Step(int bytes_allocated, Address, size_t) override;
IncrementalMarking* incremental_marking_;
void StartMarking();
void StartBlackAllocation();
void PauseBlackAllocation();
void FinishBlackAllocation();
void MarkRoots();
bool ShouldRetainMap(Map map, int age);
// Retain dying maps for <FLAG_retain_maps_for_n_gc> garbage collections to
// increase chances of reusing of map transition tree in future.
void RetainMaps();
// Updates scheduled_bytes_to_mark_ to ensure marking progress based on
// time.
void ScheduleBytesToMarkBasedOnTime(double time_ms);
// Updates scheduled_bytes_to_mark_ to ensure marking progress based on
// allocations.
void ScheduleBytesToMarkBasedOnAllocation();
// Helper functions for ScheduleBytesToMarkBasedOnAllocation.
size_t StepSizeToKeepUpWithAllocations();
size_t StepSizeToMakeProgress();
void AddScheduledBytesToMark(size_t bytes_to_mark);
// Schedules more bytes to mark so that the marker is no longer ahead
// of schedule.
void FastForwardSchedule();
void FastForwardScheduleIfCloseToFinalization();
// Fetches marked byte counters from the concurrent marker.
void FetchBytesMarkedConcurrently();
// Returns the bytes to mark in the current step based on the scheduled
// bytes and already marked bytes.
size_t ComputeStepSizeInBytes(StepOrigin step_origin);
void AdvanceOnAllocation();
void SetState(State s) {
state_ = s;
heap_->SetIsMarkingFlag(s >= MARKING);
double CurrentTimeToMarkingTask() const;
Heap* const heap_;
MarkCompactCollector* const collector_;
WeakObjects* weak_objects_;
double start_time_ms_ = 0.0;
double time_to_force_completion_ = 0.0;
size_t initial_old_generation_size_ = 0;
size_t old_generation_allocation_counter_ = 0;
size_t bytes_marked_ = 0;
size_t scheduled_bytes_to_mark_ = 0;
double schedule_update_time_ms_ = 0.0;
// A sample of concurrent_marking()->TotalMarkedBytes() at the last
// incremental marking step. It is used for updating
// bytes_marked_ahead_of_schedule_ with contribution of concurrent marking.
size_t bytes_marked_concurrently_ = 0;
// Must use SetState() above to update state_
// Atomic since main thread can complete marking (= changing state), while a
// background thread's slow allocation path will check whether incremental
// marking is currently running.
std::atomic<State> state_;
bool is_compacting_ = false;
bool was_activated_ = false;
bool black_allocation_ = false;
bool finalize_marking_completed_ = false;
IncrementalMarkingJob incremental_marking_job_;
std::atomic<GCRequestType> request_type_{NONE};
Observer new_generation_observer_;
Observer old_generation_observer_;
MarkingState marking_state_;
AtomicMarkingState atomic_marking_state_;
NonAtomicMarkingState non_atomic_marking_state_;
base::Mutex background_live_bytes_mutex_;
std::unordered_map<MemoryChunk*, intptr_t> background_live_bytes_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8