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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
extern class WasmInstanceObject extends JSObject;
extern class WasmExportedFunctionData extends Struct {
wrapper_code: Code;
instance: WasmInstanceObject;
jump_table_offset: Smi;
function_index: Smi;
// The remaining fields are for fast calling from C++. The contract is
// that they are lazily populated, and either all will be present or none.
c_wrapper_code: Object;
wasm_call_target: Smi|Foreign;
packed_args_size: Smi;
extern class WasmJSFunctionData extends Struct {
callable: JSReceiver;
wrapper_code: Code;
serialized_return_count: Smi;
serialized_parameter_count: Smi;
serialized_signature: ByteArray; // PodArray<wasm::ValueType>
extern class WasmCapiFunctionData extends Struct {
call_target: RawPtr;
embedder_data: Foreign; // Managed<wasm::FuncData>
wrapper_code: Code;
serialized_signature: ByteArray; // PodArray<wasm::ValueType>
extern class WasmIndirectFunctionTable extends Struct {
size: uint32;
@if(TAGGED_SIZE_8_BYTES) optional_padding: uint32;
@ifnot(TAGGED_SIZE_8_BYTES) optional_padding: void;
sig_ids: RawPtr;
targets: RawPtr;
managed_native_allocations: Foreign|Undefined;
refs: FixedArray;
extern class WasmDebugInfo extends Struct {
instance: WasmInstanceObject;
interpreter_handle: Foreign|Undefined;
interpreter_reference_stack: Cell;
c_wasm_entries: FixedArray|Undefined;
c_wasm_entry_map: Foreign|Undefined; // Managed<wasm::SignatureMap>
extern class WasmExceptionTag extends Struct {
index: Smi;
extern class WasmModuleObject extends JSObject {
native_module: Foreign;
export_wrappers: FixedArray;
script: Script;
extern class WasmTableObject extends JSObject {
entries: FixedArray;
current_length: Smi;
maximum_length: Smi|HeapNumber|Undefined;
dispatch_tables: FixedArray;
raw_type: Smi;
extern class WasmMemoryObject extends JSObject {
array_buffer: JSArrayBuffer;
maximum_pages: Smi;
instances: WeakArrayList|Undefined;
extern class WasmGlobalObject extends JSObject {
untagged_buffer: JSArrayBuffer|Undefined;
tagged_buffer: FixedArray|Undefined;
offset: Smi;
flags: Smi;
extern class WasmExceptionObject extends JSObject {
serialized_signature: ByteArray; // PodArray<wasm::ValueType>
exception_tag: HeapObject;
type WasmExportedFunction extends JSFunction;
extern class AsmWasmData extends Struct {
managed_native_module: Foreign; // Managed<wasm::NativeModule>
export_wrappers: FixedArray;
uses_bitset: HeapNumber;