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// Copyright 2012 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "src/builtins/builtins.h"
#include "src/codegen/source-position.h"
#include "src/deoptimizer/deoptimize-reason.h"
#include "src/deoptimizer/frame-description.h"
#include "src/deoptimizer/translated-state.h"
#include "src/diagnostics/code-tracer.h"
#include "src/objects/js-function.h"
#include "src/wasm/value-type.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace wasm {
class WasmCode;
enum class BuiltinContinuationMode;
class DeoptimizedFrameInfo;
class Isolate;
class Deoptimizer : public Malloced {
struct DeoptInfo {
DeoptInfo(SourcePosition position, DeoptimizeReason deopt_reason,
uint32_t node_id, int deopt_id)
: position(position),
deopt_id(deopt_id) {}
const SourcePosition position;
const DeoptimizeReason deopt_reason;
const uint32_t node_id;
const int deopt_id;
// Whether the deopt exit is contained by the outermost loop containing the
// osr'd loop. For example:
// for (;;) {
// for (;;) {
// } // OSR is triggered on this backedge.
// } // This is the outermost loop containing the osr'd loop.
static bool DeoptExitIsInsideOsrLoop(Isolate* isolate,
Tagged<JSFunction> function,
BytecodeOffset deopt_exit_offset,
BytecodeOffset osr_offset);
static DeoptInfo GetDeoptInfo(Tagged<Code> code, Address from);
DeoptInfo GetDeoptInfo() const {
return Deoptimizer::GetDeoptInfo(compiled_code_, from_);
static const char* MessageFor(DeoptimizeKind kind);
Handle<JSFunction> function() const;
Handle<Code> compiled_code() const;
DeoptimizeKind deopt_kind() const { return deopt_kind_; }
// Where the deopt exit occurred *in the outermost frame*, i.e in the
// function we generated OSR'd code for. If the deopt occurred in an inlined
// function, this would point at the corresponding outermost Call bytecode.
BytecodeOffset bytecode_offset_in_outermost_frame() const {
return bytecode_offset_in_outermost_frame_;
static Deoptimizer* New(Address raw_function, DeoptimizeKind kind,
Address from, int fp_to_sp_delta, Isolate* isolate);
static Deoptimizer* Grab(Isolate* isolate);
static void DeleteForWasm(Isolate* isolate);
// The returned object with information on the optimized frame needs to be
// freed before another one can be generated.
static DeoptimizedFrameInfo* DebuggerInspectableFrame(JavaScriptFrame* frame,
int jsframe_index,
Isolate* isolate);
// Deoptimize the function now. Its current optimized code will never be run
// again and any activations of the optimized code will get deoptimized when
// execution returns. If {code} is specified then the given code is targeted
// instead of the function code (e.g. OSR code not installed on function).
static void DeoptimizeFunction(Tagged<JSFunction> function,
Tagged<Code> code = {});
// Deoptimize all code in the given isolate.
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static void DeoptimizeAll(Isolate* isolate);
// Deoptimizes all optimized code that has been previously marked
// (via code->set_marked_for_deoptimization) and unlinks all functions that
// refer to that code.
static void DeoptimizeMarkedCode(Isolate* isolate);
// Deoptimizes all optimized code that implements the given function (whether
// directly or inlined).
static void DeoptimizeAllOptimizedCodeWithFunction(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<SharedFunctionInfo> function);
// Check the given address against a list of allowed addresses, to prevent a
// potential attacker from using the frame creation process in the
// deoptimizer, in particular the signing process, to gain control over the
// program.
// When building mksnapshot, always return false.
static bool IsValidReturnAddress(Address pc, Isolate* isolate);
void MaterializeHeapObjects();
static void ComputeOutputFrames(Deoptimizer* deoptimizer);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static Builtin GetDeoptimizationEntry(DeoptimizeKind kind);
// InstructionStream generation support.
static int input_offset() { return offsetof(Deoptimizer, input_); }
static int output_count_offset() {
return offsetof(Deoptimizer, output_count_);
static int output_offset() { return offsetof(Deoptimizer, output_); }
static int caller_frame_top_offset() {
return offsetof(Deoptimizer, caller_frame_top_);
Isolate* isolate() const { return isolate_; }
static constexpr int kMaxNumberOfEntries = 16384;
// This marker is passed to Deoptimizer::New as {deopt_exit_index} on
// platforms that have fixed deopt sizes. The actual deoptimization id is then
// calculated from the return address.
static constexpr unsigned kFixedExitSizeMarker = kMaxUInt32;
// Size of deoptimization exit sequence.
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static const int kEagerDeoptExitSize;
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE static const int kLazyDeoptExitSize;
// Tracing.
static void TraceMarkForDeoptimization(Isolate* isolate, Tagged<Code> code,
const char* reason);
static void TraceEvictFromOptimizedCodeCache(Isolate* isolate,
Tagged<SharedFunctionInfo> sfi,
const char* reason);
void QueueValueForMaterialization(Address output_address, Tagged<Object> obj,
const TranslatedFrame::iterator& iterator);
void QueueFeedbackVectorForMaterialization(
Address output_address, const TranslatedFrame::iterator& iterator);
Deoptimizer(Isolate* isolate, Tagged<JSFunction> function,
DeoptimizeKind kind, Address from, int fp_to_sp_delta);
void DeleteFrameDescriptions();
void DoComputeOutputFrames();
void DoComputeOutputFramesWasmImpl();
FrameDescription* DoComputeWasmLiftoffFrame(TranslatedFrame& frame,
wasm::NativeModule* native_module,
int frame_index);
void DoComputeUnoptimizedFrame(TranslatedFrame* translated_frame,
int frame_index, bool goto_catch_handler);
void DoComputeInlinedExtraArguments(TranslatedFrame* translated_frame,
int frame_index);
void DoComputeConstructCreateStubFrame(TranslatedFrame* translated_frame,
int frame_index);
void DoComputeConstructInvokeStubFrame(TranslatedFrame* translated_frame,
int frame_index);
static Builtin TrampolineForBuiltinContinuation(BuiltinContinuationMode mode,
bool must_handle_result);
TranslatedValue TranslatedValueForWasmReturnKind(
base::Optional<wasm::ValueKind> wasm_call_return_kind);
void DoComputeBuiltinContinuation(TranslatedFrame* translated_frame,
int frame_index,
BuiltinContinuationMode mode);
unsigned ComputeInputFrameAboveFpFixedSize() const;
unsigned ComputeInputFrameSize() const;
static unsigned ComputeIncomingArgumentSize(
Tagged<SharedFunctionInfo> shared);
// Tracing.
bool tracing_enabled() const { return trace_scope_ != nullptr; }
bool verbose_tracing_enabled() const {
return v8_flags.trace_deopt_verbose && tracing_enabled();
CodeTracer::Scope* trace_scope() const { return trace_scope_; }
CodeTracer::Scope* verbose_trace_scope() const {
return v8_flags.trace_deopt_verbose ? trace_scope() : nullptr;
void TraceDeoptBegin(int optimization_id, BytecodeOffset bytecode_offset);
void TraceDeoptEnd(double deopt_duration);
#ifdef DEBUG
static void TraceFoundActivation(Isolate* isolate,
Tagged<JSFunction> function);
static void TraceDeoptAll(Isolate* isolate);
bool is_restart_frame() const { return restart_frame_index_ >= 0; }
Isolate* isolate_;
Tagged<JSFunction> function_;
Tagged<Code> compiled_code_;
wasm::WasmCode* compiled_optimized_wasm_code_ = nullptr;
unsigned deopt_exit_index_;
BytecodeOffset bytecode_offset_in_outermost_frame_ = BytecodeOffset::None();
DeoptimizeKind deopt_kind_;
Address from_;
int fp_to_sp_delta_;
bool deoptimizing_throw_;
int catch_handler_data_;
int catch_handler_pc_offset_;
int restart_frame_index_;
// Input frame description.
FrameDescription* input_;
// Number of output frames.
int output_count_;
// Array of output frame descriptions.
FrameDescription** output_;
// Caller frame details computed from input frame.
intptr_t caller_frame_top_;
intptr_t caller_fp_;
intptr_t caller_pc_;
intptr_t caller_constant_pool_;
// The argument count of the bottom most frame.
int actual_argument_count_;
// Key for lookup of previously materialized objects.
intptr_t stack_fp_;
TranslatedState translated_state_;
struct ValueToMaterialize {
Address output_slot_address_;
TranslatedFrame::iterator value_;
std::vector<ValueToMaterialize> values_to_materialize_;
std::vector<ValueToMaterialize> feedback_vector_to_materialize_;
#ifdef DEBUG
DisallowGarbageCollection* disallow_garbage_collection_;
#endif // DEBUG
// Note: This is intentionally not a unique_ptr s.t. the Deoptimizer
// satisfies is_standard_layout, needed for offsetof().
CodeTracer::Scope* const trace_scope_;
friend class DeoptimizedFrameInfo;
friend class FrameDescription;
friend class FrameWriter;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8