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#### 9.11 Remaining Frame Header Data (Key Frame) {#h-09-11}
| Index | Description
| ------------ | -------------
| `L(1)` | `mb_no_coeff_skip`. This flag indicates at the frame level if skipping of macroblocks with no non-zero coefficients is enabled. If it is set to `0` then `prob_skip_false` is not read and `mb_skip_coeff` is forced to `0` for all macroblocks (see Sections 11.1 and 12.1).
| `L(8)` | `prob_skip_false` = Probability used for decoding a macroblock level flag, which indicates if a macroblock has any non-zero coefficients. Only read if `mb_no_coeff_skip` is `1`.
Decoding of this portion of the frame header is handled in the reference decoder file `modemv.c`.
This completes the layout of the frame header. The remainder of the first data partition consists of macroblock-level prediction data.
After the frame header is processed, all probabilities needed to decode the prediction and residue data are known and will not change until the next frame.