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#### 18.2 Prediction Subblocks {#h-18-02}
The prediction calculation for each subblock is then as follows.
Temporarily disregarding the fractional part of the motion vector
(that is, rounding "up" or "left" by right-shifting each component
3 bits with sign propagation) and adding the origin (upper left
position) of the (16x16 luma or 8x8 chroma) current macroblock gives
us an origin in the Y, U, or V plane of the predictor frame (either
the golden frame or previous frame).
Considering that origin to be the upper left corner of a (luma or
chroma) macroblock, we need to specify the relative positions of the
pixels associated to that subblock, that is, any pixels that might be
involved in the sub-pixel interpolation processes for the subblock.