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### Annex A: Bitstream Syntax {#h-0a-00}
This annex presents the bitstream syntax in a tabular form. All the
information elements have been introduced and explained in the
previous sections but are collected here for a quick reference. Each
syntax element is briefly described after the tabular representation
along with a reference to the corresponding paragraph in the main
document. The meaning of each syntax element value is not repeated
The top-level hierarchy of the bitstream is introduced in Section 4.
Definition of syntax element coding types can be found in Section 8.
The types used in the representation in this annex are:
* `f(n)`, n-bit value from stream (n successive bits, not boolean
* `L(n)`, n-bit number encoded as n booleans (with equal probability
of being `0` or `1`)
* `B(p)`, bool with probability `p` of being `0`
* `T`, tree-encoded value