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### Annex A: Bitstream Syntax {#h-0a-00}
This annex presents the bitstream syntax in a tabular form. All the information elements have been introduced and explained in the previous chapters but are collected here for a quick reference. Each syntax element is shortly described after the tabular representation along with a reference to the corresponding paragraph in the main document. The meaning of each syntax element value is not repeated here.
The top-level hierarchy of the bitstream is introduced in [Chapter 4](#h-04-00).
Definition of syntax element coding types can be found in [Chapter 8](#h-08-00). The types used in the representation in this annex are:
* `f(n)`, n-bit value from stream (n successive bits, not boolean encoded)
* `L(n)`, n-bit number encoded as n booleans (with equal probability of being `0` or `1`)
* `B(p)`, bool with probability `p` of being `0`
* `T`, tree-encoded value