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Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Toc.
2001-09-03 Freddy Vulto <>
Release 0.91
- Tested on Cygwin.
- Used Unix file type for source files.
- Updated documentation.
- Prohibited call with undefined parameter to HTML::Parser->parse() from
HTML::_tokenTocEndParser->parse() which caused havoc with version 3.25
of HTML::Parser.
- Specified 'HTML::Parser' as module that needs to be available in order
to use HTML::Toc.
- Added protected method HTML::TocGenerator::_setActiveAnchorName().
This method replaces the incongruous access of
'HTML::TocUpdator::_doDeleteTokens' by HTML::TocGenerator.
HTML::TocUpdator now overrides '_setActiveAnchorName()' to allow
the ancestor call to HTML::TocGenerator only when '_doDeleteTokens'
equals false.
2001-08-09 Freddy Vulto <>
Release 0.90
- First release.