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THANKS - List of credits for GeSHi
I owe these people/groups my thanks for help with GeSHi. Thanks, guys!
- Amit Gupta - Thanks for all that constructive criticism - it's
a great help for making GeSHi even better. And
thanks for the Wordpress plugin! (Anyone who is
interested in the plugin can visit:
- Andreas Gohr - Thanks for language files and for using GeSHi for DokuWiki
( And thanks
for all your criticisms and for that stylesheet-maker code :).
Also, thanks for the UTF-8 patch.
- Andreas von Oettingen - Thanks for those great ideas! :)
- bbspliff - Thanks for pointing out that bug (pity I already
found it though ;))
- Benny Baumann - Thanks for your innumerable suggestions for improvements, and your
work on Delphi support :)
- Ben Keen - Thanks for the language files and pointing out some
ideas for future releases. Lookin' forward to seeing that
software soon! ;)
- Brian Cheesman - Thanks for using GeSHi in phpCvsView, and for the suggestion about
extension => language lookup
- Christian Weiske - Thanks for the inspiration for creating advanced regexp
highlighting :D
- Cliff Stanford - Thanks for the hardquote support for C# and Perl (can be used elsewhere
I'm sure)
- David Gartner - Thanks for using GeSHi in net2ftp, and for the idea about a load_from_file
- - Thanks for putting up with the crappy versions
that I "forced" on you guys before ;)
- Jack Lloyd - Thanks for pointing out the versioning and method CSS bugs, and giving
me the extra C/C++ keywords
- Karim Scheik - Thanks for the php5 support report
- Marcin Gryszkalis - Thanks for those links for C, Java, Perl
- M. Uli Kusterer - Thanks for the idea about URL case conversion
- Milian Wolff - Thanks for the loads of optimizations
- Thanks for helping with implementation of various features
- Roberto Armellin - Thanks for pointing out some flaws in GeSHi (that will be solved
in 1.2 guaranteed)
- Sterling Christensen - Thanks for those links to language specs
- Tux - Thanks for making all those language files :D
- zbw - Thanks for proving a phpBB port was possible
- ABAP Andres Picazo
- Actionscript Steffen Krause (french translation by NikO)
- ActionScript 3 Jordi Boggiano (version for ActionScript3 and MXML)
- Ada Tux
- Apache Tux
- Applescript Stephan Klimek
- Apt sources.list Milian Wolff
- ASM Tux
- ASP Amit Gupta
- AutoIT mastrboy
- AviSynth Ryan Jones
- Bash Andreas Gohr
- Basic4GL Matthew Webb
- BlitzBasic P�draig O`Connel
- BNF Rowan Rodrik van der Molen
- Boo Marcus Griep
- Brainfuck \ Brainfork Benny Baumann
- C++ Dennis Bayer, M. Uli Kusterer
- C++/QT Iulian M
- C# Alan Juden
- C for Macs M. Uli Kusterer
- CADDCL Roberto Rossi
- CadLisp Roberto Rossi
- CDFG John Horigan
- CIL Marcus Griep
- COBOL Benny Baumann
- ColdFusion Diego
- D Thomas Kuehne
- DCS Stelio Passaris
- Delphi Járja Norbert, Benny Baumann
- Div Gabriel Lorenzo
- DOS Alessandro Staltari
- Eiffel Zoran Simic
- eMail \ mbox Benny Baumann
- FreeBasic Roberto Rossi
- Fortran Cedric Arrabie
- glSlang Benny Baumann
- Gettext Milian Wolff
- GNU make Neil Bird
- Gnuplot Milian Wolff
- GML José Jorge Enríquez Rodríguez
- Groovy Ivan F. Villanueva B.
- Haskell Dagit
- HQ9+ Benny Baumann
- Ini Deguix
- Inno Thomas Klinger
- INTERCAL Benny Baumann
- Java 5 Clemens Bruckmann
- Javascript Ben Keen
- KiXtart Riley McArdle
- KLone C Mickael Auger
- KLone C++ Mickael Auger
- LaTeX Matthais Pospiech
- Lisp Roberto Rossi
- Locomotive Basic Nacho Cabanes
- LOLcode Benny Baumann
- LScript Beau McGuigan
- LSL2 William Fry
- Lua Roberto Rossi
- m86k Benny Baumann
- mIRC Alberto de Areba Sánchez
- Modula-3 Martin Bishop
- MPASM Bakalex
- MXML David Spurr
- MySQL Carl Fürstenberg, Marjolein Katsma
- NSIS Tux, Deguix
- Oberon-2 Mike Mol
- Objective C M. Uli Kusterer
- Ocaml Flaie
- Ocaml-brief Flaie
- BASIC Roberto Rossi
- Oracle 8 Guy Wicks
- Oracle 11i Simon Redhead
- Pascal Tux
- Perl Andreas Gohr, Ben Keen
- PIC16xxx assembler Phil Mattison
- Pixel Bender Richard Olsson
- PL/SQL Victor Engmark
- POV-Ray Carl Fürstenberg
- PowerShell Frode Aarebrot
- Progress Marco Aurelio de Pasqual
- Prolog Benny Baumann
- ProvideX Jeff Wilder
- Python Roberto Rossi
- Rails Moises Deniz
- Rebol Lecanu Guillaume
- Reg SmokingRope
- Robots Christian Lescuyer
- Ruby Amit Gupta, Moises Deniz
- SAS Galen Johnson
- SDLBasic Roberto Rossi
- Scheme Jon Raphaelson
- SciLab Christophe David
- Smalltalk Bananeweizen
- Smarty Alan Juden
- T-SQL Duncan Lock
- TeraTerm Boris Maisuradze
- Text SmokingRope
- TCL Reid van Melle
- thinBasic Eros Olmi
- TypoScript Jan-Philipp Halle
- Uno IDL Cedric Bosdonnat
- VB Roberto Rossi
- VB.NET Alan Juden
- Verilog Günter Dannoritzer
- VIM Script Swaroop C H
- Visual FoxPro Roberto Armellin
- Visual Prolog Thomas Linder Puls
- Whitespace Benny Baumann
- Winbatch Craig Storey
- X++ Simon Butcher
- Xorg config Milian Wolff
- Z80 Assembler Benny Baumann
Do you want your name in here? Help me out! Make a language file, or suggest a new
feature, or make a plugin for GeSHi for some other software, then tell me about it!