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; Copyright (c) 2010 The VP8 project authors. All Rights Reserved.
; Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license and patent
; grant that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
; tree. All contributing project authors may be found in the AUTHORS
; file in the root of the source tree.
EXPORT |vp8_bilinear_predict4x4_neon|
; r0 unsigned char *src_ptr,
; r1 int src_pixels_per_line,
; r2 int xoffset,
; r3 int yoffset,
; r4 unsigned char *dst_ptr,
; stack(lr) int dst_pitch
|vp8_bilinear_predict4x4_neon| PROC
push {r4, lr}
ldr r12, _bifilter4_coeff_
ldr r4, [sp, #8] ;load parameters from stack
ldr lr, [sp, #12] ;load parameters from stack
cmp r2, #0 ;skip first_pass filter if xoffset=0
beq skip_firstpass_filter
;First pass: output_height lines x output_width columns (5x4)
vld1.u8 {d2}, [r0], r1 ;load src data
add r2, r12, r2, lsl #3 ;calculate Hfilter location (2coeffsx4bytes=8bytes)
vld1.u8 {d3}, [r0], r1
vld1.u32 {d31}, [r2] ;first_pass filter
vld1.u8 {d4}, [r0], r1
vdup.8 d0, d31[0] ;first_pass filter (d0-d1)
vld1.u8 {d5}, [r0], r1
vdup.8 d1, d31[4]
vld1.u8 {d6}, [r0], r1
vshr.u64 q4, q1, #8 ;construct src_ptr[1]
vshr.u64 q5, q2, #8
vshr.u64 d12, d6, #8
vzip.32 d2, d3 ;put 2-line data in 1 register (src_ptr[0])
vzip.32 d4, d5
vzip.32 d8, d9 ;put 2-line data in 1 register (src_ptr[1])
vzip.32 d10, d11
vmull.u8 q7, d2, d0 ;(src_ptr[0] * vp8_filter[0])
vmull.u8 q8, d4, d0
vmull.u8 q9, d6, d0
vmlal.u8 q7, d8, d1 ;(src_ptr[1] * vp8_filter[1])
vmlal.u8 q8, d10, d1
vmlal.u8 q9, d12, d1
vqrshrn.u16 d28, q7, #7 ;shift/round/saturate to u8
vqrshrn.u16 d29, q8, #7
vqrshrn.u16 d30, q9, #7
;Second pass: 4x4
cmp r3, #0 ;skip second_pass filter if yoffset=0
beq skip_secondpass_filter
add r3, r12, r3, lsl #3 ;calculate Vfilter location
vld1.u32 {d31}, [r3] ;load second_pass filter
vdup.8 d0, d31[0] ;second_pass filter parameters (d0-d5)
vdup.8 d1, d31[4]
vmull.u8 q1, d28, d0
vmull.u8 q2, d29, d0
vext.8 d26, d28, d29, #4 ;construct src_ptr[pixel_step]
vext.8 d27, d29, d30, #4
vmlal.u8 q1, d26, d1
vmlal.u8 q2, d27, d1
add r0, r4, lr
add r1, r0, lr
add r2, r1, lr
vqrshrn.u16 d2, q1, #7 ;shift/round/saturate to u8
vqrshrn.u16 d3, q2, #7
vst1.32 {d2[0]}, [r4] ;store result
vst1.32 {d2[1]}, [r0]
vst1.32 {d3[0]}, [r1]
vst1.32 {d3[1]}, [r2]
pop {r4, pc}
vld1.32 {d28[0]}, [r0], r1 ;load src data
vld1.32 {d28[1]}, [r0], r1
vld1.32 {d29[0]}, [r0], r1
vld1.32 {d29[1]}, [r0], r1
vld1.32 {d30[0]}, [r0], r1
b secondpass_filter
vst1.32 {d28[0]}, [r4], lr ;store result
vst1.32 {d28[1]}, [r4], lr
vst1.32 {d29[0]}, [r4], lr
vst1.32 {d29[1]}, [r4], lr
pop {r4, pc}
AREA bilinearfilters4_dat, DATA, READWRITE ;read/write by default
;Data section with name data_area is specified. DCD reserves space in memory for 48 data.
;One word each is reserved. Label filter_coeff can be used to access the data.
;Data address: filter_coeff, filter_coeff+4, filter_coeff+8 ...
DCD bifilter4_coeff
DCD 128, 0, 112, 16, 96, 32, 80, 48, 64, 64, 48, 80, 32, 96, 16, 112